WWC and some other thoughts.

October 2, 2006

Courtesy of Odd Mix, the words are Provide and Restore.
OK, go with me on this one…



Blog Blither – that pile of clippings left over from the weekend papers.

From the Associated Press:

On Friday, the Senate voted 80 – 19 to authorize fencing along one-third, or 700 miles, of the U.S. – Mexico border. No one knows how much it will cost, but a seperate bill on the way to the White House authorizes a $1.2 billion down payment. Two steel walls with floodlights, surveillance cameras and motion detectors would run along segments of the 1,952-mile border that now experience the most illegal crossings. It is estimated that building two rigid, steel-mesh barriers with a paved road between will cost $2.2 billion, though the price tag could be almost twice that, based on the actual cost of a much shorter 14-mile fence under construction in San Diego which is costing $126.5 million.

Tom Russell is an artist I have come to enjoy over the last few years. He has a bit of the outlaw in him, and he never minces words, which I appreciate. He lives on the border and has released a five-song ep called “Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall”. Here’s what he has to say…

“Who’s gonna build your wall, boys?
Who’s gonna mow your lawn?
Who’s gonna cook your Mexican food,
when your Mexican maid is gone?
Who’s gonna wax the floors tonight
down at your local mall?
Who’s gonna wash your baby’s face?
Who’s gonna build your wall?

The rains came one afternoon and washed a fox up on my back porch. He was moving slow and shaky. He had one eye on the housing development that had eaten up his habitat and one eye cocked on my right leg. Meat. That’s the term Gypsies use for “other” people. Meat. Foxes think the same way. The foxes, road runners, skunks, lizards, snakes, hawks and jack rabbits are trying to take to new covered ground, and there ain’t none. Now the government wants to build a wall and kick out all the people who helped build the goddamn housing projects in the first place. Good luck. There’s 800 miles of open border between my house and San Diego.” —Tom Russell

Well, Tom. Here comes your wall.

Have any of you thought about this? What do you think?


A 36% cap would be imposed on annual interest rates for payday loans to military service members or their spouses under an agreement reached Friday by House and Senate Republicans.

Boy. Thanks for that, guys.


Scientists have used stem cells from human embryos to save the sight of lab rats suffering from an eye disease similar to macular degeneration. My mom had macular degeneration, and so do 30 million others. It is the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 55 and involves central vision tasks such as reading and driving.

I’m almost there. How old are you?


A recently released studyfound that one out of eight heart attack patients quit taking their life-saving drugs one month after leaving the hospitaland are three times more likely to die during the next year than patients who stayed on their medication. Researchers also found that these patients are also more likely to be older, single and less educated and cost is a factor.

No kidding. I find prescription medication cost prohibitive…and I have insurance.


Well, I wonder how many have made it to this part of the post. If you have, then stay with me just a little bit longer. Over the weekend I ended up in a conversation with someone who was suggesting that women should vote for Hillary Clinton for President because she is a woman. This might have been light-hearted as much as it was serious. Being the nudge that I am, I took it seriously. There are issues that far outweigh gender, religion, or party affiliation. How did we get where we are today? The most important thing is to make an decision. And vote. Who knows? Maybe Hillary will end up being the best choice. But if she does get my vote, it won’t be because she is a woman.


16 Responses to “WWC and some other thoughts.”

  1. Cazzie!!! Says:

    Hillary Clinton hey…I wonder who the equivalent is here for us in Australia. We did have one woman who ran about in politics for the One Nation Party, but she is now a celebrity on the past series of Dancing With the Stars, I reckon she ain’t gunna be a Prime Minister here now eh!
    The saying that “Behind every good man there is a good woman”..perhaps this is true of Hillary, I am sure she is a lovely person. It is certainly true of a past Prime Minister here, Bob Hawke..he had Hazel there. I read her autobiography, she was one hellova lady to put up with his crap…she would have been better off running the country.
    End of the day though, I guess all leaders are only puppets of those that are within the party. I am no poitical buff by any means. MAke me the leader and I darn well would fix up the mess healthcare and education are in FIRST!!!

  2. Jay Says:

    Excellent WWC Pics.

    Stem Cells: I believe that all politicians and activists who work so hard to stop stem cell research should sign a promise to never accept any drugs or treatment that results from stem cells should they ever be stricken with any of the diseases that stem cells can help with.

    Hillary: There was a time when I went to listen to all candidates speeches and all debates and looked up information on all of them. But, right now I can’t find a single Republican that I feel like I can vote for. That bothers me, but at least in Arkansas, I’m downright appalled at the Republican candidates for statewide offices.

  3. graymama Says:

    I love the colors in your WWC shots! I am a sucker for shadows. I love the shadow of the tree in the Restore shot.

    Stem cells are amazing little critters. Unfortunately, it is hard for many to let go of their precious dogma and embrace the amazing possibilities this type of research holds.

    The most important thing is to make an informed decision. And vote.
    I agree.

  4. Peggy Says:

    I think that Hillary Clinton would do a lot better than the current guy, don’t you?

  5. her indoors Says:

    we had margret thatcher for prime minister in the 70/80’s we still recovering from it now!
    hubby been on his heart pills 12 years now! yep he still ticking away! my age hey i a babe at 45

  6. Betty Says:

    The fact that she is a woman would not even be a consideration with me if I decided to vote for her. It would be her “vision” for the country.

  7. daddy d Says:

    Cutting wood heats the cutter up twice. Once during the cutting of the wood and then a second time during the burning of the wood. Nice cycle in provide and the restore.

  8. mjd Says:

    Hmm, I am puzzled about the WWC pictures. Although I am rather sure in the first picture, the nice man is chopping firewood to provide warmth for hearth and home. In the second picture, are the nice man and his daughter planting something, thereby restoring life to the planet? Maybe I am being too literal, which as we know can lead to erroneous thought.

  9. gawilli Says:

    Cazzie! Dancing with the Stars is a funny thought – I can’t picture Hillary Clinton doing that!

    Jay – I like the “stem cell promise”. That’s a great idea. All of our IN republican candidates are so far to the religious right at this time it would be funny…if it wasn’t so scary.

    Graymama – thanks for pointing out the shadows. Being a novice at pictures, I probably don’t recognize the things that I should. I like your thoughts about letting go of dogma and realizing the possibilities.

    Peggy – I think she would be more of a dove than a hawk, but I really don’t know if she can move us forward…and we need to move forward. It will be interesting to see how things progress.

    Her indoors, agreed that heart medicine is some mighty important stuff.

  10. Chelle Y. Says:

    Great pictures!

    I probably should not admit it, but this is one “woman” who will NOT vote for Hillary! Haha! 🙂

  11. gawilli Says:

    Go Betty. That is exactly what I am saying. I took some heat for that stance. Geez. It was very irritating.

    Daddy D, you always have such an eloquent way of saying things!

    Mjd…You are right oh great one. The man and his daughter are planting bulbs. There is a double whammy because not only do they restoring life to the planet; they also restore my faith in the great cycle of life…the more!

    Chelle – thanks for stopping by! Its too soon for me to nix Hillary. You never know what is coming down the pike!

  12. willi Says:

    Are they out of their mind? So what is to east or west of the 14 mile stretch of fence. “Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. But yo puedo ir por otro lado. Gott go around it!

    Stem Cells: I’m with Jay. Make ’em sign a pledge to never benefit from any cures that may result.

    Medication is out of sight. I saw on 60 minutes this new surgery for treating depression. It’s Canadian and they hope to try it the U.S. Of course down here no one will be able to afford it and we will all be depressed.

  13. saz Says:

    I vote for the person not the gender. But your thought on healthcare costs reminds me that Hilary was ahead of the curve on that one when she tried to do something about it – 10 times worse now!

    Drug costs – way out of line..I had a bottle of drops for my eye that was no bigger than my nail and it was over $100 (with insurance)!

    Fence building – I think Russell has it right..I’m living in an economy that would come to a halt without people coming across the border.

    Stem cell research – I’m for it and agree with Jay..

  14. patsy Says:

    i don’t believe thry want to keep the illigal aliens out, if they did all they have to do is send the people to jail who hire them. our rich and powerful would all be in jail. as for hillary probably the good things clinton did was her ideas.

  15. Swampwitch Says:

    gawilli:My head is spinning and it’s too early to try and make a educated comment, not that any of my comments are ever educated. Wow!Thanks for taking the time to share a.l.l. that information and yes, I did make it to the paragraphy about making an informed decision.
    I do want to thank you for your efforts to get the word out on IBC and I left you a rather lengthy comment at my place today. I would repeat it, but time won’t allow, so whenever you have a chance, just go back to today’s comments. Now, I going to search your archives for the IBC post.

  16. Tink Says:

    Perfect way of depicting the words!

    I love the quoted poem/words from Tom Russell. They speak exactly what I’ve been thinking all along… only better ;).

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