Autumn Snow

October 13, 2006

Most mornings I manage to get out of the house just in time to sit for an hour or so at the stoplight, waiting to cross the highway. This morning was no exception. At least the heater had kicked in. The thermometer on the rearview mirror confirmed that it was coat weather. At 31 degrees, it was little colder than normal this time of year for us Hoosiers.

Being the first in line, I had a clear view of the beautiful sky to the south. It was amazing; deep dark blue with clearly defined white full clouds all along the skyline. As I followed the horizon along to the west it got better and better. The colors changed from blue to shades of salmon, then orange and finally gold where the sun was about to rise. There I was, eyes and mouth wide open staring at the sky outside my driver’s side window. It was then that I realized why the guy behind me was laying on his horn.

On through the light I was able to pull over and take this picture just as the sun was coming up. Admittedly, I am not a photographer. And it would have been much nicer without the utility lines, but I was pretty pleased with it when I got home. It was an awesome autumn sunrise.

My office has no windows. It’s a bit of a joke with my co-workers. I never had windows in all of my 14 years. Last year I finally moved to an office with a beautiful view, just in time for winter snow. With a change of position in June came a new office. With no windows.

Everyone knows I love the snow. A little after nine they came bounding in to my office to remind me that I really needed a window…so I could see the snow! No kidding!

Granted, it wasn’t a heavy lasting snow; but it was coming down just the same. The trees are in the midst of their fall glory, and already old man winter is knocking at the door!


19 Responses to “Autumn Snow”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OK, wow. It was 31 degrees celcius in my office today.

    That’s downright balmy. I can’t believe it’s that cold there!


  2. Swampwitch Says:

    What a way to anticipate the coming season. The photos are wonderful, I especially like the first one.

  3. sarahviola Says:

    That sunrise is amazing. That’s why I love Indiana.

  4. Jay Says:

    The sunrise pic was great.

    I used to hate snow. Now I love snow. Weird huh?

  5. debi Says:

    Your photos are just beautiful. Looks like a New Mexico sunset.
    Great job!

  6. gawilli Says:

    mj – I have to re-learn celcius to farenheit conversions. Hm.

    swampwitch – The only season I don’t really look forward to is the dog days of summer. I love the season – hate the heat.

    sarahviola – did you see this sunrise too? I love Indiana too.

    Jay – Not wierd – it’s a comfort thing…fire in the fireplace…soup on the stove…everything clean and white…

    Debi – I’ve never seen a New Mexico sunset but they must be beautiful.

  7. John Says:

    Nice picture. Even a light dusting of snow can bring complete chaos to our roads here in the UK.

  8. Gary James Says:

    Great photos. Autumn is my favourite time of year for walking, not too hot, not too cold and rainy, and you get to run through piles of leaves!

  9. her indoors Says:

    great photo of the sunrise, i love snow and love making snowmen, not done that for a long time, if we have snow this year i WILL make one!

  10. mjd Says:

    Beautiful sunrise picture…I like Indiana because of the variety of weather conditions. We get to experience lovely snowfalls and warm summer days as well as pleasant spring and fall days in between.

    I am sorry that you lost your office with a view. Most of my teaching years have been in windowless interior rooms. I did not especially miss the windows until I had the opportunity to have a room with windows during a transitional stage in construction. Now, back in the inner sanctum without windows, I miss that contact with the outside world.

  11. gawilli Says:

    john – the first real snow we have will wreak havoc on the roads here to. Not that the roads will be bad, but the drivers get stupid. Happens every time.

    gary – the leaves are starting to pile up already. My husband frowns on me running through his nicely piled leaves. But I do it anyway.

    her indoors – I love the snow too – a little more from the inside now rather than outside. Now I mostly end up having to shovel rather than sled or play.

    mjd, Indiana is a nice place for us. I love the change in seasons. Still I think the fall is my favorite. As far as windows – some days go by, particularly in the winter, where unless I make an effort to get outside, I never see daylight. It’s dark when I come in and dark when I leave. Feels kind of like being a cave dweller.

  12. daddy d Says:

    Thanks for the snow pictures. I missed it that day. But, I do have a year of Sun rises to show you some time soon. I took them at the same place at my house. The progression of the Sun across the sky can be seen with regard to the trees and makings on the earth.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I think 31 Celsius is about 82?

    My thermostat is in Fahrenheit and I am having to learn that. Why would they do that to a Canadian!?!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  15. Cazzie!!! Says:

    I would so love to live in a town with gorgeous trees like the ones in the last pic and the houses/buildings look so lovely too.
    Sad you don’t have a window in your office, maybe they can get you a monitor and hook it up to a cam in your room? πŸ™‚

  16. Tod Says:

    Indiana looks a lovely peaceful place to live. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  17. gawilli Says:

    daddy d! Bring on those pictures!

    mj…no matter how you read the temperature, cold is cold! You know it when you step out the door and the grass crunches!

    laurie and tod, thanks for the nice words. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures but I sure do enjoy it.

    cazzie! I miss the window terribly. We even thought a skylight would be nice. Hah!

  18. Ginnie Says:

    Your sunrise picture is awesome…but you can have the snow, even a frosting of it is more than I can take. I had it for years in NY state.

  19. graymama Says:

    As I sit here on a dreary day, I am blessed with your amazing sunrise shot. Thanks for adding some light to my day πŸ™‚

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