WWC and some old stuff, too.

October 15, 2006

Courtesy of Odd Mix, the words are Hello and Goodbye.

Hello fall…

Goodbye dollars.


GoodbyeJust for fun…

Gettin’ a little big for your britches

Quite a balancing act
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Willi and I hit the new Border’s today for the annual Educator Discount event. One of the nice things about music shopping at Border’s is the listening stations. Everything always looks good to me. This gives me an opportunity to listen to it and then decide. Today I carried around new music from Chip Taylor and someone I had not heard before, Amos Lee; both sounded pretty good.Then I came across a pretty neat book and the author was to arrive shortly for a signing. So I decided to nix the new cd’s and go for the book instead. The book is entitled “Gary, Indiana: A Centennial Celebration”. This is really cool for me as I begin to work through the boxes of things that my mom had saved. Both of my parents graduated from high school in Gary. That is where they were married and I was born. It should be fun tying the things from the boxes to the timeline in the book.

Here is one of the pictures I found of my mom. I am told she did some modeling back in the day. She is in the driver’s seat. Naturally.

This was an interesting article in Weekly Reader from January, 1963. Remember those? I think if you click on these photos you will see a larger image.

Here is a picture of my first grade class at Gary Lutheran School. My teacher was Mrs. Clark. I can’t believe I remember that.

Which one do you think is me? Aw come on and guess!


22 Responses to “WWC and some old stuff, too.”

  1. willi Says:

    Okay this risky but, I think that you are the little girl between the two boys on the first row (number 4).

    I saw that space capsule at the Arkansas capital.

  2. mjd Says:

    Hmm, well willi has an inside track so maybe he is right. If he is not, I choose the little girl right under 1961 or the last little cherub on the far right in the bottom row.

    Those are fun pics for WWC.

  3. graymama Says:

    We were on the same season wavelength with our WWC photos 🙂

    I am so glad that you decided on the book. When I was piecing together the events of my gramms’ life, I read Any Given Day: The Life and Times of Jessie Lee Brown Foveaux. It was nice to read the words of a woman who lived in Illinois and Missouri during the same time period.

    I hope you enjoy the book! 🙂

  4. Swampwitch Says:

    How is the world do you have time to put together these wonderful, eclectic posts? It takes me forever to just get one picture and a short story posted.
    I think you’re fooling us all and you are the teacher. Upper left corner….Giggle Giggle.

  5. mjd Says:

    I love all of your posts, but the ones that are actually about back in the day are my favorite. It is fun reading in the “Weekly Reader” about plans to go to the moon. Coincidently, I was looking at Gary, a Pictorial History by James B. Lane and Ronald Cohen just yesterday. Looking at the old photos and remembering how things used to be is a fun pastime.

  6. daddy d Says:

    I just don’t know which one is you. Maybe, the bottom right? However, your mom’s car is a Lincoln.

  7. Ginnie Says:

    I think you are the one over the word Gary. That is a wonderful picture of your mother. 1963…a wild time.

  8. gawilli Says:

    willi, you are such a risk taker!

    mjd, I love to write about things from back in the day. Heaven knows, there are boxfuls sitting here on the floor next to me! I think I would like to see your book, too. Some of the things I remember about Gary are unusual – like the smell of Goldblatt’s Department store. They had an ethnic deli in the basement and it always smelled so good! I loved going there with my mom and grandma…but that’s another story!

    graymama! I LOVE the book. In fact I took it to work today to share with a friend who grew up in Gary. He loved it too – and is going to get one for himself and one for his dad. I’m going to check out your book.

  9. gawilli Says:

    swampwitch – you know during football season I seem to have more time on my hands while willi watches the games…don’t know what will happen when the season is over!

    daddy d! Always an eye for the automobile! That would be like my mom to figure out a way to get in the Lincoln!

    ginnie, I think my mom was very beautiful. She was 40 when I was born so I don’t remember the mom that was in some of the older pictures. The personality was still there though, that’s for sure!

  10. OddMix Says:

    Very nice WWC sets – both of them. You are very creative.

    Mine are up now, too.

  11. Jay Says:

    Great pictures. They say the words wonderfully.

  12. snookie Says:

    Lovely pictures- verrry creative!

    I love learning about America’s history through the 1900’s. It’s hard to see her face in this picture, but from what I can see your mom looks like a beautiful woman!

  13. Lucky Lum Says:

    you are the first girl on the bottom row. am I right??

    I love looking through old photos and momentos.

    nice choices for WWC!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I definitely remember Weekly Reader! In fact, I think I still have some of mine.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Weekly Reader! Gosh! That has turned on the old Way Back machine. Where on earth did you find one of those??

  16. Tink Says:

    I think I need glasses. I thought the leaves in your first photos were critters. Like hamsters or something…

    Is that tree eating a fence? Very neat shot!

  17. debi Says:

    The picture of your Mom is totally cool. I love it. You need to frame it and hang it up. I have every inch of wall covered and it’s such a comfort to look around and see everyone I love. What a beautiful Momma.I lost my Mom 23 years ago and I have never gotten used to it.I am always thinking of something I want to ask her or something funny I know she would love. Moms are a special gift from God and I try hard to be like my Mom was.

  18. gawilli Says:

    oddmix and jay…thanks for stopping by to see my sayings!

    snookie and lucky lum, old photos are the best. I have learned an important lesson though; make sure you know who is in those old family pictures. I have many of family; I know at one point they were important, but I don’t know who they are.

    laurie and peggy – there are about eight of the weekly readers from late ’62, early ’63. My mom saved them I guess. There is one that talks about the upcoming presidential election. Interesting stuff.

  19. gawilli Says:

    tink, that tree was a little tiny sprout that made it’s way up through a cable bound terrace of railroad ties. It continued to grow, but the cable didn’t give…so you’re right! It at the cable and ties. I feel like that tree sometimes. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

    Hi Deb! Good to see you. I know what you mean about missing mom. I still go for the phone in the split second that something happens so I can share it with her. That’s ok though. I have a feeling they are around here somehow or other!

  20. mjd Says:

    Okay, we are ready. Which little girl is the future Gawilli, Blogger Extraordinaire?

  21. SongBird Says:

    Love your pictures and the entire post. Haven’t seen a Weekly Reader in years, needless to say!

  22. Freakazojd Says:

    I would be cheating if I guessed now, because I’ve already read your subsequent posting revealing the answer. However, I would never have been able to guess because I have no idea what you look like now! 🙂
    Great WWC photos!

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