The Potter’s Place

October 29, 2006

Hadley Pottery is a little “out of the way” place we found several years ago when we first visited Louisville. It is almost hidden in what seems to be an industrial area. From the street all you see is the sign out front advertising show room hours. If you venture inside, there is quite a find if you like the old time look of this pottery.

The building was purchased for Mrs. Hadley in 1944 as a birthday present. She must have been quite the artist, creating the original freehand designs on each piece of pottery.

Very little has changed at the pottery since her death in 1965. Her designs continue to be painted freehand on each individual piece. The prices are reasonable and most of all, it is great fun rummaging through the many shelves of artwork. If you are a bargain shopper like me, there is an area in the rear of the store where you can find some even greater deals.

This pretty lady is one of the artists that carry on the M. A. Hadley tradition. She was just a lovely as she looks!

Sometimes we just look, but this time we found a nice bargain! If you have the occasion to visit Louisville, here is a place worthy of your time.


9 Responses to “The Potter’s Place”

  1. Cazzie!!! Says:

    How lovely, bring on the pictures, it is nice to see places from far away. I will take pics of a hiustoric town here in Victoria and post them in the next month or so. It is an hour drive from here but they have old bakeries and potteries and stuff too 🙂

  2. sarahviola Says:

    Hey, is that bowl for me? 🙂

  3. Maya's Granny Says:

    I so admire people who can do pottery! I took a class for five semesters, and in all that time never managed to throw a single thing on the wheel. Made a lot of very interesting hand built stuff, but nothing ever stayed together on the wheel and neither the teacher nor I could figure out why.

  4. Tod Says:

    What a cool shop. I love finding little hidden places like this.

  5. gawilli Says:

    sarahviola…your bowl is a little different than this one – got your curiousity going?

  6. mjd Says:

    I am sure that my mother had some of these pieces. She always liked pretty things.

  7. Ch3ll3 Says:

    A feast for the eyes! I love pottery (having done some myself, I can appreciate both the beauty and technical aspects of it). Thanks for sharing the pics. Makes me think I could likely spend hours in there!

  8. graymama Says:

    Scratch the Louisville Slugger museum off of our list, we are checking out this place!

  9. pottery Says:

    That is a great place and it is an ideal place to visit for collectors and artist.


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