Christmas too soon

November 24, 2006

It was hard to find the news sections in the two local newspapers we received on Thanksgiving. They were lost among the sale flyers. I took this picture at least a month ago at the local “big box” grocery store. Many of the merchants in our area were open yesterday; some open all night long.

In my mind’s eye, I see long lines of shoppers winding from storefronts out into the parking lot, hoping to take advantage of big savings this morning. That’s as close as we will be to the hustle bustle. Our dollars will not be among those counted by the merchants at the end of this busiest shopping day.

Nope. That’s not us. We have really important plans.

Turkey sandwiches and Razorback football!

Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!
Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!
Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!


8 Responses to “Christmas too soon”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’ve been known to do the Black Friday thing, but geesh…people are getting waaaay to aggessive for me out there.

  2. Ginnie Says:

    I’m glad you’re among the stay-at-homes…I think Christmas is way too commercial. Personally I’m enjoying remembering a wonderful day and eating leftovers.

  3. gawilli Says:

    Susan! Too aggressive for me also…and judging by the pictures in today’s papers, much too crowded. It was a nice day here – laid back and lazy.

    Ginnie, I think you are right. I’m having a cynical momment this morning. They reported on the news yesterday that they were projecting, on the average, people would spend $50.00 more person this year than last for Christmas. Our local food bank reports that there are over 100,000 people in our two northern counties that are living at least 125% below the poverty level. That extra $50.00 per person would sure go a long way.

  4. daddy d Says:

    Now that is the way to think about the day. Turkey and football are much more that fighting the crowds right now, maybe later but not now.

  5. Cazzie!!! Says:

    Love Christmas, hate crowds at the shops though 😦

  6. Cazzie!!! Says:

    Love the items on that shelf there BTW, I would get one of each right now, am in a festive mood 🙂

  7. Ch3ll3 Says:

    Funny enough, I wrote about Black Friday and was bemoaning the fact that our big sale day was the day after Xmas (instead of well in advance of the holiday). However, after reading everyone’s comments, I’d be highly unlikely to visit a store on Black Friday. Sounds too scary and commercialized for me! 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed the football.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t do black Friday either. Partly because of the crowds and partly because I try to boycott the outrageous commercialization of Christmas. I know it a lost cause, but oh well.

    Too bad Hogs lost. Been a heck of a season though. Still got Florida this weekend and a bowl game to go.

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