WWC Part 1: Chicago to Dallas

December 4, 2006

Courtesy of Odd Mix, the words are Change and Persist.

This was the scene from our back door Friday morning as Willi and I headed out to Dallas for his nephew’s wedding. The forecast called for as much as 12 inches of snow on top of the two days of rain we already had. Much of Northwest Chicagoland was under heavy snow and traveler’s advisories. Although flights out of O’Hare had already been cancelled, Midway was up and running. I would have caved, but Willi was persistant.

The flight was delayed, but only an hour or so. Crews were busy clearing the runways in order to move the flights out. The problem was getting flights in since so many had been cancelled or delayed from other areas.

Ice Man 4 de-iced the planes as we readied to take off. This was comforting in an unsettling kind of way, if that makes any sense.

Finally on to the warmer southern climate, or so we thought. They were experiencing the same cold snap that continued up north; temperatures from 50 degrees in the daytime to 20 in the evening. But yet we persist!

Welcome to Dallas, where the sky always looks so big and blue. I love this picture looking up through an overgrowth of trees.

I’m so glad we made this trip. The wedding was beautiful and lots of fun. Although my photographic ability leaves much to be desired, to see the kids clowning for the camera was great!

Much love to Mr. and Mrs. who are currently south of the border in newly wedded bliss!

Tomorrow…WWC Part 2: I love you, trolley!


10 Responses to “WWC Part 1: Chicago to Dallas”

  1. mjd Says:

    Welcome home,
    I am glad that you were able to make the trip and that you arrived home safe and sound. We missed you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s tough travelling in bad weather any time of year. But, in the winter, through Chicago is always a challenge. Way to be persistent and not give up.

  3. Ginnie Says:

    Chicago and Dallas…the two cities where I experienced my longest waitovers in an airport! The Dallas one was 7 hours (ON THE PLANE ON THE TARMAC) waiting for de-icing and the Chicago one was this year the day that they had the scare on the English flight. I had flown in from Alaska and O’Hare was really locked down tight and they’d just started the bit about “no liquids, etc. in carry-on”.
    Glad you made it to the wedding and home safely.

  4. John Says:

    I like the ‘clowning’ picture. The boy at the front seems oblivious to what is going on behind him.

  5. OddMix Says:

    Very nice photos!

  6. susan Says:

    What an adventure. Aren’t you glad Willi was so persistant? I’m glad you had such a great time

  7. daddy d Says:

    There are leaves on those Dallas trees. That is so different than here in the north land. Good pictures and I am glad the trip was fine. The big deicer truck was pretty neat.

  8. gawilli Says:

    Mjd, I’m glad also. Sometimes I have a rough time getting started, but once I’m moving it’s all good!

    Jay – Willi gets full credit for the persistance. I will be sure and pass it on!

    Ginnie – Ah a Chicago traveler! We avoid O’Hare as best we can. The security was interesting, but on the other hand I far prefer them weeding out anyone that might not have the best of intentions.

    John, I don’t think he was really into the whole wedding thing. Are most kids, though? The little girls like to dress up, but the boys…and I can’t say that I blame them!

    Oddmix – Thanks, but having seen your beautiful work I understand my limitations! I really do enjoy playing though. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Susan! Willi says traveling is “hurry-up” and “wait”. He was sure right on this one, but all in all it went pretty smooth considering a story like Ginnie’s.

    Daddy d – The most interesting thing was seeing the palm plants with great big cloth wrappings to protect them from the cold! The Texans were not at all happy about their dip in the temperatures.

  9. graymama Says:

    Hooray, you both are back! I missed you!

    It looks like you had a true adventure, and I am glad you made it there and back safely 🙂

    I think your pictures are perfect!

  10. marnie Says:

    Wow wow! We’re ALL those people in the bridal party? Wow!

    It sounds like a memorable trip. Great photos too.

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