Friday’s Feast One Hundred and Thirty Nine

April 13, 2007




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Willi’s Crab Cakes


When you were a child, which crayon color was your favorite?

Crayons and coloring books were my friends. We went a lot of places together. The only limitation was having a big enough lap if there was no table. Well, that and hot sun and a box of crayons in a closed car. I did not have a favorite color, although I can tell you that both black and white crayons seemed like a waste of good wax.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how likely would you be to change jobs if it required you to move?

I am not likely to change jobs or move unless forced to. Both Willi and I have changed jobs, by choice, in the last year and it was one traumatizing experience right after the other! For two creatures of habit, it took us well into a month just to figure out a new morning routine that would get us both out the door at the same time. Sheesh. We are finally settling in and it feels good. We love both the community we live in and the one we work in. Change is good, but we have had enough for awhile!

Take all the numbers in your birthday and your phone number and add them up, one by one. What’s the total?

76. Why?

Main Course
Have you ever “re-gifted” anything? If so, what was it and who did you pass it on to?

Not really, because that requires holding on to things until the right occasion or recipient comes along. Often times if it is something I think my daughter could use or would like, I pass it along to her. She does the same for me. Is that considered re-gifting? If she doesn’t want it either, I put it in the box for Amvets. If they want to regift it, that’s fine with me. The last thing she took home was a pair of candle holders and some scented tea lights from Yankee Candle.

Name something you need from the store.

Foamy soap.


8 Responses to “Friday’s Feast One Hundred and Thirty Nine”

  1. I was wondering about the purpose of adding all those numbers together, too! By the way, my total is 84.

    I still love to color with nice, new, sharp crayons.

    I am currently teaching at the third school in 17 years. I was the only music teacher at the first small school where I taught. I did band, choir and any other music teaching that needed to be done. After seven years, I took a position at a larger school where I only had to teach choir. I stayed there for 5 years then decided I was tired of commuting 85 miles round trip every day. I had no desire to move so I took the position I’m in now which is much closer to my home. The hardest thing about changing schools is leaving all my wonderful students behind. That is a very tough thing to do!!

  2. mjd Says:

    Strangely, one of things that I remember from kindergarten is my crayon box. In kindergarten, we had Prang crayons, not the moderately priced Crayola crayons, nor the really cheap Milton Bradley crayons. The Prang crayons were laid out flat in a black box. My favorite colors were magenta, turquoise, and chartreuse. I think that I liked these colors partly because of the exotic names, but magenta and turquoise are lovely colors.

  3. dilling Says:

    Periwinkle Blue was my favorite…for the name alone. I should name my next pet Periwinkle…
    I am the regifting queen….my family often gives great, expensive, wonderful gifts…that do absolutely nothing for me…I have a closet at home with two shelves devoted to things I have found and put away for gifts, or things that I have received and do not want…I will not regift anything that I think is lame, or tacky, or questionable, but some of the things I receive are lovely…just not my taste, ya know? Usually, I know where those things need to go to be appreciated…I have a pretty good sense about those things…unless I am deluding myself and everyone else is regifting my regifted gift.

  4. Marnie Says:

    Now I need to keep Bloglines and my link list open… everyone is moving.

    Must be spring in the air… or Blogger-hate. Which ever, it sure is nice over here!

  5. Susan Says:

    Even the smell of crayons brings back wonderful memories. Although I’ve pretty much switched us to colored pencils after too many melted crayons had been left in the car…

  6. gawilli Says:

    ArkansasSongbird – I sure do understand how hard it is to leave the students, faculty, and staff as Willi’s present job has taken him out of the school he was in for eleven years. Even I felt the loss. I think we both went through a grieving process, like losing family. It sounds as though you have made some wonderful memories and impacted many lives along the way…and continue to do so, as does Willi.

    Mjd – I think I remember the flat boxes of Prang crayons! Mostly I remember the Crayola crayons because those are the ones my mom bought me. I had a bucket that grew full of crayons with round tops, broken in pieces with paper labels peeled back. New crayons were not introduced to the bucket until they were worn down or broken. I loved holidays because thats when the supply would be replenished!

    Dilling – I am certain I have been regifted and that suits me just fine. I used to keep a box of items appropriate for gifting. Sometimes I went to the box, but most times either I forgot about it or could not find anything suitable. Eventually I quit going to the box altogether. I think my daughter has items set aside for that purpose, probably some that I have passed along to her. That works ok for both of us!

    Marnie – Thanks for updating me on your list! I like it here and it does do a body good to change – kind of invigorating!

    Susan – Ah yes, the old melted crayons in the car thing. I remember the one (and only) time I left crayons on the panel beneath the rear window of the car. I NEVER did that again. But it was such a convenient place to lay the crayons…

  7. Cazzie Says:

    I loved this post, and thre crab cakes look devine!!!
    I loved all the colors, but my favorite crayon was orange 🙂
    I would not change my job, I love being a nurse, I can work in most fields and I am confident if I moved I would mould in anywhere 🙂
    Number is: 141
    I have regifted some treasures from my past onto my daughters, and some books of mine from my childhood to my boys. ” Timbuctoo” was just one of those books 🙂
    Something AI need from the store..smoked salmon..oh, ok, I guess that is more a want than a need 🙂

  8. Betty Says:

    Gawilli: Congratulations on the new blog. It looks great. I have never regifted. In a town the size of mine, it’s not a good idea to regift, because, sure as anything, the person receiving it will find out .

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