April 17, 2007

It’s Wordless Wednesday!


Oh, come on…surely you can think of something to say!



11 Responses to “Eeeewe!”

  1. dilling Says:

    um, not really…oh, wait……..
    Did the cup come with the lipstick on it? Cuz that might be a health code violation or something….

  2. Cazzie Says:

    I cannot stand a dirty coffee cup!!

  3. mjd Says:

    I don’t think that is Cindy Sheehan’s lipstick.

  4. Nice lipstick shade! My students fuss at me about my lipstick on my water bottle. I tell them to get over it!

  5. Tiggerlane Says:

    YUCK! And the little coffee dribbles down the side are even less attractive. Looks like a sloppy coffee-guzzler to me!

  6. Susan Says:

    *snort* They only WISH!

  7. Betty Says:

    Is that Condoleeza’s lipstick?

  8. daddy d Says:

    Nice size and shape to that cup. But there is no offical western white house. It is just his way of being cool.

  9. Michelle Says:

    *shudder* all it needs next to it is an overflowing ashtray.

  10. her indoors Says:

    is it time for a refil yet!

  11. Willowtree Says:

    I’ve heard that people love their coffee, but I thought it was just an expression. Don’t you think putting lipstick on the cup is a little excessive?

    I love coffee mugs, I have over 200 of them (yes, I know, that’s a bit excessive too).

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