Spring Rain

April 25, 2007

When we fell asleep last night the windows over the bed were wide open. It was comfortable sleeping weather with just a tender little breeze. Around three o’clock this morning I woke to a great clap of thunder. That cool damp air that comes with a hard spring rain was billowing out from under the cotton curtains and across my face and shoulders. Water was playing a tune as it ran through the gutters and downspouts, hitting the ground with one loud continuous splash. I drifted off thinking it just doesn’t get any better than this.


By the time I left for work, the creek was swollen well above it’s banks and moving along at a pretty fast clip. The rain came so quickly that the ground could not drink it up fast enough, even as thirsty as it was.


An afternoon walk found that the Trillium Willi so carefully planted a few years back has multiplied and is beginning to bloom along with the Spring Beauties.


Even the Tiger Lilies are well on their way, although they won’t bloom until mid-summer. They have become so greedy in staking their claim to more and more of the lower level.


We all take some nourishment from the tasty spring rain.


14 Responses to “Spring Rain”

  1. Susan Says:

    I love how the rain just cleans and refreshes the world. Lovely photos…

  2. Wow. Fantastic piece. I love the rain too, especially that cleansing spring rain you describe.

    Now then, I have given you a THINKING BLOGGER award. Please come round and read this post for the reasons and the links on how to play the game from here.

    I really enjoy your site. Immensely.

  3. mjd Says:

    Congratulations on the award, you certainly deserve the honor. Your wildflower photos are lovely. Spring Beauties bring back fond memories of picking bouquets for my mom on the way home from school.

  4. Kristina Says:

    Oh, those photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Michelle Says:

    It’s like I can SMELL the rain in this post. Well done!

  6. her indoors Says:

    great photos and congratulation on your award

  7. Ginnie Says:

    A lovely entry…I have a tin roof on my little house and I love to hear the rain on it at night. You’re right…it doesn’t get much better than that.

  8. daddy d Says:

    I love that stream stuff except went it enters the lower living space. But then gravity always does that down ward thing. Great flower pictures. It must be true:”April showers bring May flowers.”

  9. Cazzie Says:

    So wonderful to see, I can feel it will happen for us soon too, we need this drought to break and really really soon.

  10. Jay Says:

    We seem to be getting more rain so far this spring than last year. And it’s very cool again here. I bet the ranchers are really loving this. The fields are soooo green!

    Lovely photos!

  11. tod Says:

    Wow. Great photos. It makes me want to rush out and plant up my bare boring garden.

  12. Cazzie Says:

    Sooo gorgeous, Im love looking at these images again and again…we got rain last night!!! Yayy, the drought may just have began to break here Down Under.

  13. marnie Says:

    I have had *enough* of the spring rain. I will send more your way.

    We are on flood watch close to the riverbank and could see some significant flooding over the next few weeks. Sun? Come out and play more often??

  14. debi Says:

    You always take the best pictures. I love the way you describe the rain at night. We got that same thing last night and it is wonderful. Of course I can never give myself over to it totally since I still fear the leaking of the roof. It didn’t leak and all is well. Thinking of you, me

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