My Pick

May 5, 2007

The ticker says we are 4 hours and 47 minutes away from the 133rd running of the Kentucky Derby. This is a big day for Willi and me. You can read all about it here. As Willi says, I have found my favorite – and a sentimental one at that. Meet Storm in May.


He’s not a pick to win; the odds are 30:1. One reason might be because he is completely blind in his right eye. Has been since he was one week old. That’s ok. He came in second to Curlin in the Arkansas Derby, one of today’s favorites. They say he runs well in the mud. That could help since the forecast call for rain.

His trainer, Bill Kaplan, says the blessing is that he doesn’t know he’s any different from the rest of the horses. His former owner, Kent Hersman, says everyone takes a hit in life now and then; maybe someone out there will need to see this horse do well. “Storm is that inspiration that says, ‘Get back up and give it your best shot.’ Because if nothing else,” Hersman added, “he’ll teach you to enjoy the trip.”

This is a ride I will enjoy, even if this winner doesn’t come in first.


Associated Press Photos


6 Responses to “My Pick”

  1. Willi Says:

    Great post honey! You always find the story. See ya at post time.

  2. milk&honey Says:

    Blind in one eye, huh? Good thing he only has to run in a circle!

  3. daddy d Says:

    Good story. Gray is a wonderful color for a race horse. Any horse, for that matter.

    My pick was coming out of the # two hole. That post had produce the winner 29 time out of the race’s history. However, Curlin broke late and was push to the back of the pack. He did come in third, however. That was a strong come from behind run. Next time …

  4. mjd Says:

    My mother, Laura, always said, “bet on the gray horse.” Storm in May is wonderful name for a gray horse. I think the good name technique is one of the favorite methods to select a horse for wagering.

    You and I and our handsome husbands should plan a trip to the racetrack this summer.

  5. gawilli Says:

    Mjd – I always favor the gray. Yes I definitely think we should make a trip to the racetrack. We would love that!

  6. graymama Says:

    Hubby and I took a trip to Churchill Downs while we were in undergrad. There is an amazing spirit that lives in that place. When I was a child, I chose the Kentucky Derby winner 5 years in a row. My parents still tell the story about how they should have put some money down.

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