Wee Lock of Hair

June 15, 2007


Today’s Theme: Hair. Become a Photo Hunter. Visit the Blogroll.

Emily Dickinson wrote, “I shall never give you anything again that will be half so full of sunshine as this wee lock of hair …” Maybe that’s what my dad thought as he carried these photo’s of my mom with a lock of her hair. Sunshine!



26 Responses to “Wee Lock of Hair”

  1. incog & nito Says:

    They are beautiful photos. Sounds like a beautiful love story. Happy weekend.

  2. Vader's Mom Says:

    That’s wonderful. Those are beautiful pictures and such a sweet sweet story.

  3. what a wonderful story and great photo of that keepsake!!

  4. srp Says:

    What a lovely thought and what a romantic memento for him to keep…. Sigh! Isn’t love wonderful!

  5. ladynred Says:

    What a beautiful story. Pics are lovely!

  6. ladynred Says:

    opps! sorry about the link. i didn’t notice it was my other blog.

  7. mjd Says:

    Your mom was beautiful lady. In these pictures, I can see how much you resemble her.

  8. corky Says:

    Very nice! What a classically beautiful woman.

  9. Oh, my goodness what a sweet thought.
    That reminds me, I had my “first” hair cut even before I was born. My mom has that lock of hair from my head, the doc cut just as I was crowning.
    I wish I had a photo of that.

  10. A. Says:

    Thos are lovely photos and they make a lovely story. Very romantic!

  11. Liz Says:

    Oh, yes, that’s romantic. Lovely take on the theme.

  12. Mama Bear Says:

    Good choice! People used to do that, carry locks of hair of their loved ones.
    Mama Bear

  13. Criz Lai Says:

    So romantic…Happy Weekends! 🙂

  14. Dragonheart Says:

    Very romantic! 🙂 Beautiful photos of your mother. 🙂

  15. montserrat Says:

    Very romantic! Nice choice for the theme.

  16. jmb1 Says:

    Great photos for the theme. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t keep a lock of my hair.

  17. Betty Says:

    I found a lock of hair and a rose pressed into our family bible, but don’t know who they belonged to. In another spot there was a love poem by my great grandfather to my great grandmother. Finds like those make your ancestors real to you.

  18. Shawna Says:

    Those are great photos! And what a keepsake to have!

  19. Imma (Alice) Says:

    Your Mom was so beautiful, and your Dad must have loved her a lot. Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories with us.

    Drop by my lair
    to see my hair,
    With time to spare,
    others will be there.

  20. I will join everyone else in saying, “How romantic!”

    I need to join Photo Hunters.

  21. Michelle Says:

    Gosh, photos were so much more classy in those days.

    Gawilli, if you’d be so kind as to email me at taoandzen [at] shaw.ca with your address, I’d love to send you something in the snail mail system.

  22. daddy d Says:

    NIce story. I love the hair connection with the pictures.

  23. Bobbie Says:

    One of the best I’ve seen of this weeks theme!
    Happy Sunday 🙂

  24. jac Says:

    what a sweet story and perfect for this weekend and the theme.

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