We had a little wind Monday

June 20, 2007

It’s Wordless Wednesday!




19 Responses to “We had a little wind Monday”

  1. Donna Says:

    I hope you have a chain saw… and a strong back. Happy WW.

  2. corky Says:

    Wow. Glad everyone’s alright.

  3. Lavender Says:

    Just a ‘little’ wind – oh my goodness! Best wishes for a speedy clean up – great shots tho! Happy WW, I played too.

  4. Holy cow! A little wind? Whoosh!
    Looks like Mama Nature left some work behind for you now…

  5. mousey Says:

    small but terrible wind!

  6. Patois Says:

    Just a little wind. Your photos accurately represent my fear of what will happen around my house in this very windy area I live in.

  7. wow Hope everyone was okay! Great shots.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Uh oh. Smoosh.

    What’s the little building that’s been crushed?

    BTW – thanks for the address. will mail the package on Saturday. am curious how long it will take to arrive!

  9. Rayne Says:

    Oh, no! I’m glad every one is okay. That poor tree. We had a windstorm last week and our neighbor lost a beautiful apple tree.

  10. Dawn Says:

    Ugh, that stinks. Scary pics!

    Happy WW 🙂 Hope you’ll come visit me too! 🙂

  11. dilling Says:

    Yikes….is that your trees down?!? that’s always sad, losing friends like that. Then again, free firewood. Hope all (else) is well!

  12. Nessa Says:

    Oh, tree fall, go big boom.

  13. mjd Says:

    Indeed, that was some wind. If there was a tornado, the trees around your home seemed to be the focal point. I am glad that you and Willi are fine. Of course, I already knew about this; still, I am amazed by the destruction caused by the wind. Take care.

  14. Susan Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of wind. Was there any other damage?

  15. daddy d Says:

    Wow, that was some big time wind. I am glad your house was not hit. Take care.

  16. marnie Says:

    Whoa. We had some damaging winds in December. We are still recovering.

    May the force be with you.

  17. mjd Says:

    I see that you won a prize from Willowtree. GA, you are the clever one.

  18. Patsy Ann Says:

    Didn’t hear if that was your house or if anyone was hurt. Hopefully all is well and the clean up doesn’t take to long.

  19. […] a splotch of white-out on it. And after having been locked out of my house this summer by way of a power outage (electric garage door), Mjd presented me with a lovely key ring which now holds my front door key. […]

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