Shiny and Blue

June 23, 2007


Today’s Theme: Shiny. Become a Photo Hunter. Visit the Blogroll.


Just right for the blues. Give it a listen with one of my favorites, Keb Mo.


9 Responses to “Shiny and Blue”

  1. Swampy Says:

    Great guitar…love the Kokopellis on the wall hanging.
    A special thanks to your sister on her efforts to end Breast Cancer…As you know, I’m a BC survivor. You are signed up for Fun Monday…see you then.

  2. Susan Says:

    So…that’s a steel guitar? I always thought it had something to do with the strings. It sure is purty!

  3. Extremely cool! I love that guitar… And, oh! The blues~

  4. gawilli Says:

    Swampy – We made the stencils and painted Kokopellis in a border around the room and then Willi stenciled the quilt blocks and I put them together. The innerds for the quilt is an old blanket of my moms so it is doubly nice.

    Dilling – Ah – Tom Waits. He’s been around a while too! Nice lyrics.

    Susan – There are different types of steel guitars, as I found out this morning. This is what I always called a steel guitar, but you will also see pedal steel guitars that are rectangle shaped and sit on a stand and lap steel guitars. The key to this one actually, as Willi tells me, is that it is a “resonator” guitar because of the way it is built so that the sound resonates. What I really know is that I like the way it sounds.

    Jenn – Oh, the blues is right! Is there good music where you are?

  5. Cazzie Says:

    LOVE ITTT!!! Love this music, just amazing acoustics

  6. tnchick Says:

    Very nice – would love to sit and listen to someone play!

  7. srp Says:

    Gorgeous guitar! Excellent picture for the theme this week! A lot of blues have been played on that I would imagine!

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