Goose and Gander

July 3, 2007

It’s Wordless Wednesday!



18 Responses to “Goose and Gander”

  1. mjd Says:

    Lovely picture, GA. Since we are relative neighbors, I always try to guess where your pictures are taken.

  2. gawilli Says:

    This one is at a retention pond by the Radisson.

  3. corky Says:

    Very lovely.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I love it. We’ve got about a billion of those Canadian Geese in our neighbourhood but I never tire of seeing them.

    Excellent composition.

  5. daddy d Says:

    Those geese bring a feeling of the quiet out doors. That is good as one thinks about the 4th of July.

  6. tod Says:

    What a great photo. Thanks for sharing!

  7. coffeypot Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger, now, ya hear?

    My daughter, Marni over at It’s A Pug’s Life will be walking for her mother, my ex, and for her daughter, Bug, the greatest granddaughter in the world. Good luck to your daughter and to all the women (and men) who set out on this arduous trail.

  8. her indoors Says:

    great photo it looks like one goose with two heads!

  9. Tink Says:

    If it’s “wordless” Wednesday, are we supposed to leave comments? Maybe we should all start making noises instead. Oooooo. Aaaaah. 😉

  10. Ginnie Says:

    I’ve seen many Canadian geese but seldom have I seen them pictured so beautifully. Your composition is lovely. Thanks.

  11. Nessa Says:

    Beautiful picture.

  12. Tiggerlane Says:

    Wonderful – at first glance though, I thought you had a two-headed goose sighting!

    Then again, I’ve had a bit of Disaronno tonight…so it’s probably just me.

    Pretty photo.

  13. Cazzie Says:

    Gorgeous, such lovely colours in the image too

  14. Incredible picture!

  15. debi Says:

    Your photos are always wonderful. This one is particularly special. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week-end.

  16. DJ Kirkby Says:

    I have lazy Sunday posts but I love your idea of a wordless Wednesday, brilliant! (May I copy your idea for one of my blogs?) One is accessible by clicking on my name and here the link to my other one

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