That New Car Smell

July 16, 2007

Tiggerlane, the Neophyte Blogger, is our host. She wants to see our current car, first car we ever had, first new car with that new-car smell, a car you wrecked once, dream car you would drive . . .

Here it is. A 1997 Saturn SC2 is the very first car I ever bought all by myself. This is the obligatory picture they take at the dealership when you make your purchase. It had a moon roof and a black bra on the front end. I loved this car.

Before this I had a little Reliant K-car that was anything but reliant. It didn’t have a door latch on the passenger side and the windows didn’t roll down. At one point the heater core went out and antifreeze would puddle in the floorboards. When I finally found someone to work on it, they had to take out the entire dash to get to it. When I picked it up the poor guy had cuts and scrapes all up and down his arms. I drove it until it literally died. I suppose I can’t complain since it was only $350.00 and it did what I needed it to, but after having survived that car, this one was a dream.


Although Willi loved this car as much as me, it became pretty evident when he and me became we, that it was not going to be the family car we needed. So we made a pretty good deal with Car-Max and then took our cash over to Saturn and bought a VUE. I loved this one too. That is until we got rear-ended in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on the way to Willi’s family reunion in 2005. The VUE did just what it was supposed to do, and we all got out unscathed, save for a few nervous twitches.


It was a total loss. We drove a rental home and began the search for a new auto. After spending days, and I mean days at ALL the car dealerships, we ended up back at Saturn. We moved to a 4 cylinder manual transmission this time. Its fun to drive a stick again. This is a picture from the web as Willi and the kiddos drove it to Texas for this year’s reunion.


So what am I driving while the VUE is on vacation? I’m puttering around in Willi’s little red pick em up truck. Here’s a picture of Willi in his truck in last year’s July 4th parade. I always wanted to drive a truck…



21 Responses to “That New Car Smell”

  1. Shauna Says:

    Wow! Been rear-ended too! Stinks! Bet you get wonderful gas mileage!

  2. mjd Says:

    There it is…my favorite shiny red truck in my favorite summer time event.

    The picture of the wreck is amazing; I am glad that you and Willi were “unscathed.”

  3. giveitatry Says:

    Bad wreck – don’t like to see that! I know what you mean about – “fun to drive a stick” – I miss driving a manual sometimes.

  4. Carol Says:

    Scary picture! Nice car! 🙂


  5. Tink Says:

    Because of the string of accidents Hoop and I have gotten into in the last couple of months, seeing accident pictures makes my palms sweat. I’m so glad you guys were OK! LOVE the truck too. That’s what I’d like to be driving right now.

  6. tod Says:

    Ok I’m wondering what a black bra means over there because it can’t possibly be what I’m thinking. 😉

  7. Susan Says:

    I’m glad the car did what it was supposed to do in the wreck. That other car must’ve been coming pretty fast. I’m glad you were both okl

  8. Thank goodness you and Willi were okay!! The car looks terrible!

  9. chrisb Says:

    Gosh that looks awful so it’s good to know noone was hurt. The pick up truck looks as though it might be a fun drive!

  10. Tiggerlane Says:

    That rear-ended photo made me shiver – glad everyone was OKAY! Especially since it happened in Arkansas…luckily, I wasn’t in Pine Bluff…so it wasn’t me.

    Thanks for participating!

  11. Joy T. Says:

    I can’t believe all the accidents I’ve seen on this Fun Monday’s assignment. Everyone has been lucky so that’s good to read, but sheesh. The little red pick-up looks like fun though!

  12. beccy Says:

    I’ve never ridden an automatic and can’t imagine doing so.

    I’m glad you survived the crash.

  13. daddy d Says:

    Wrecks are no fun. Yes, you do meet new people, but then it has to be all business.

  14. Willowtree Says:

    I don’t think we have the VUE over here, too bad, it’s a good looking car.

  15. Pamela Says:

    my daughter loved her Saturn – and sold it when she had two kids and needed the mini van.

    I’m not acquainted with the VUE

  16. my4kids Says:

    More accidents! I think the Saturn Vue is a pretty good looking vehicle!

  17. theotherbear Says:

    Wowee, that rear ender did a good joob. Actually, you can see that the car crumpled well, in the right spots to protect those in the car.

  18. Big John Says:

    I’m afraid that all American cars are a mystery to me, although I did have a Renault that looked exactly like your ‘wreck’ after it too had been ‘rear-ended’. 🙂

  19. corky Says:

    I really want a truck! I had an 83 Chevy S 10, but with a new baby here it’s not very practical. But one day I’ll have one again. I enjoyed your post.

  20. Robin Says:

    I wondered if anyone would ask about the bra; the only reason I knew what it was was because one of my college roomies introduced me to the term.

    WOW on your rear-end collision and not being hurt! I’m amazed by all the tales I’m reading about people having some pretty rough accidents and walking away from them.

    Glad you’re having fun puttering around in the truck. I feel the need to chop wood when I drive my husbands (I let the feeling pass 😉 ).

  21. Michelle Says:

    Oh! Isn’t it heartbreaking to lose a favourite vehicle? (thinking about the VUE)

    I had an accident with my 1990 VW Golf in 1993 and it broke my heart. A woman ran a stop sign and that car was never the same after that.

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