Well would he?

July 25, 2007

It’s Wordless Wednesday!



8 Responses to “Well would he?”

  1. corky Says:

    Jesus needs a haircut and a shave!

  2. Tink Says:

    I much prefer “WWMRD?” (What would Mr. Rogers Do?) 😉

  3. Michelle Says:

    We like to say What Would Pooh Do? in our house ’cause, likely, Winnie the Pooh would just say, “Oh bother” no matter what the issue.

    Great billboard.

    Brent and I are going to the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade next Sunday with close (and gay) friends of ours. I’m so excited! Hope it’s good weather.

  4. mjd Says:

    Absolutely not, Jesus would not and does not discriminate period.

    Great billboard and interesting site.

  5. debi Says:

    This is a great post. If we know Jesus at all then we know the answer to this is a big NO. Here is where I have a problem with a few people at my church. Jesus loves us all just as we are. I feel very fortunate about that.

  6. tod Says:

    Well that is good to know. 🙂

  7. Hmmmm….I totally agree that Jesus would not and did not discriminate period. However, in Matthew 19:10-12, Jesus is talking about eunuchs and eunuchs are castrated men or men whose testes have not developed. So, while I agree with the inferred message of non-discrimination and acceptance of homosexuals, I do not agree with the dubitable interpretation of the scripture.

  8. DJ Says:

    Fantastic billboard! Good message for a more modern world.

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