Hold Still!

August 1, 2007

It’s Wordless Wednesday!







16 Responses to “Hold Still!”

  1. Oh, you know I am loving that puppy!! He looks to be the same size Jasper was when I got him. Is he yours? What’s his/her name? Miniature? Tell all!

  2. corky Says:

    Damn those sneakers are white!!!

  3. her indoors Says:

    ah how sweet, and how tiny, and i want one!

  4. milkandhoney Says:

    Who is this little puppy?!!! Is this my graduation present!!!??

  5. coffeypot Says:

    Isn’t he/she cute? I have pocket lint bigger that this little guy/gal.

  6. Tink Says:

    That is one of the tiniest dogs I’ve ever seen! Too friggin cute.

  7. Betty Says:

    What a tiny little cutie! Those sneakers are bigger than he/she is. Love it.

  8. giveitatry Says:

    Oh so cute and so small!

  9. gawilli Says:

    This little puppy belongs to some people I work with. She christened the carpet during this visit as she is just months old. I am told she will not get much more than 10 or 11 pounds. She is a VERY affectionate and VERY active miniature. She really seemed more like a bug of some kind rather than a dog. She was very tiny. I sat on the floor with her and she wanted to smooch. That makes me nuts so I let go on her way.

    I did get the hankerin’ for a puppy though. Don’t tell Willi.

  10. debi Says:

    I have always believed that God made puppies and kittens so damn cute for a reason. You just want em. I love my dogs but I am sorta like Lucy in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, “dog germs, dog germs”! As soon as my dogs lick me I am right in there washing my hands. Picky, picky.

  11. Michelle Says:

    OMG. Lurve the pup! Anyone got a really big hot dog bun?

  12. Cazzie Says:

    Toooo cuuuuteeee!!

  13. Aw I didn’t realise how tiny he is until I saw him in perspective in the third photo – cute! 🙂

  14. tod Says:

    What a teeny tiny puppy! I want one.

  15. Nessa Says:

    Very cute puppy. What size batteries does he take?

  16. I’m back again. Yes, Jasper weighs in at around 10 pounds. Once he got up to 13 pounds and had to go on a diet. I have pics of Jasper when he was as small as the puppy in your post. She sure is a cutie! I need to get a playmate for Jasper!

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