Reelin’ in the Years

August 14, 2007

Its Wordless Wednesday!


Jeff “Skunk” Baxter 


7 Responses to “Reelin’ in the Years”

  1. milkandhoney Says:

    When I was little, I was sure he was singing, “Reeling in the Yeast”. I had a clear mental picture of a fishing pole with a wad of dough on the end.

  2. giveitatry Says:

    Reeling in the Yeast…too funny!
    I didn’t know who Skunk was….I had to watch the YouTube. Brought back memories of my brother listening to music.

  3. corky Says:

    What a great song and a really good band.

  4. daddy d Says:

    It would be nice to be able to increase the net worth of things by just writing ones name on it. But then that is how things move on. Every exchange is a give and a get to some degree.

  5. Nessa Says:

    I want to go to a bar and see a band.

  6. mjd Says:

    Nice song to go with your fabulous picture.

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