New Tunes and a Good Read

September 30, 2007

sexton.jpgDilling over at Nanaimo Blahg turned me on to Martin Sexton in a post last February. She had nothing but good things to say about him. I followed her link over to his site and I knew he was someone I would remember and keep an eye out for. So, today Willi and I were at Borders, taking advantage of our Educator’s Discount, and who should I come across but Martin Sexton. There he was sitting on the new release shelf saying pick me up and give me a try. So I did. Then I brought him home.

Give this song a listen. It’s called Happy and that’s just how it makes me feel. And the keyboards are outstanding. As I post I’m listening to the 7th song called There Go I. Oh my, what a voice. Do I detect a little of the Very Reverend Al Green?

Hey Dilling, he’s coming to Vancouver, October 5th!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you’ve been reading here for long you know I have a liking for children’s books and Berkeley Breathed, of Opus fame. Here is his latest offering, Mars Needs Moms! Its a great little story about a little boy named Milo, who doesn’t realize just exactly the worth of his mother until she is abducted by Martians.


The illustrations are beautiful as always. I think most kids could identify with this book on some level. I know there were certainly times I thought my mom was a “giant, summer-stealing, child-working, perfumy garden goblin.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So, there you have it. I had a great day today. How was yours?


7 Responses to “New Tunes and a Good Read”

  1. daddy d Says:

    It was a good day for a walk on the beach at West Beach. There were no little green men around the lake shore. There was however, a lot of green algae in the water.The sun was out and warming.

  2. corky Says:

    My day was great. I got to hang out with my wife and son and the NFL all day. 😉

  3. Susan Says:

    We had a great day too…it’s always an adventure for us!

    I like Martin S a lot. I’ll have to keep an eye out for him.

  4. dilling Says:

    Oh my…I better run out for this one…Michael and I were just watching numerous Martin Sexton videos on YouTube just last night!!!!
    His “Black Sheep” album is my very favorite, though I keep buying his new ones, just in case, ya know? Something about the way that album reached me at the time has always been dear to me…
    Dangit…I am on his mailing list for shows and stuff but didn’t know he’d added Vancouver. I doubt I will be able to make it, but maybe. I’ll see what I can work out in the next day or two…my dog sitter is actually away until after the holiday…I have her dog!
    Dangit dangit dangit.

  5. dilling Says:

    glad you like him so much….

  6. her indoors Says:

    i like this will have to have a look out for him.
    hey my doggy is MILO

  7. Betty Says:

    I love Opus. I didn’t know Berkley Breathed wrote children’s books, too.

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