Cheekwood Up Close

October 25, 2007

We have learned to set aside a day for Cheekwood Art and Gardens when we are in Nashville. We happened upon it by way of an article about an art exhibit in the Nashville Scene during one of our earlier trips. The botanical gardens were a bonus. In the spring we enjoy the Dogwood Garden. This was our first trip in the fall. Although the foliage was not quite ready for us, there were many pleasant surprises. Here are a few…















7 Responses to “Cheekwood Up Close”

  1. corky Says:

    Very nice. The last two are really pretty.

  2. mjd Says:

    Your pictures are lovely. I hope to visit the gardens someday.

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    I’m so proud of your daughter. She is a hero.

  4. her indoors Says:

    what a wonderful place, beautiful photos thank you for taking me there

  5. dilling Says:

    very nice…thank you

  6. daddy d Says:

    Very nice. It is like I was there to see all that nature myself.

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