Finding Fall

October 30, 2007

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First, this week’s words are Inspire and Create
thanks to Tink over at Pickled Beef.

The Lone Warrior – War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville




Determined to find a visible sign of fall, we took the scenic route from Nashville to Louisville on US 31 East. That’s where we came across Barren River Lake in Glaskow, Kentucky. The day was cloudy and gray so the pictures really don’t do it justice.


In 1960, a 146 foot-high dam was constructed on Barren River which created the lake. It was an effort to develop South-central Kentucky, which up until that point remained isolated. The lake covers 10,000 acres and has a shoreline of 141 miles.


A park was established next to the lake the following year. It has become quite a desirable resort area with a lodge, rental units, golf course, boat dock and marina. Yet much of the area remains untouched.


This photo was taken quite a ways up the road. We drove past, then went back and parked so that we could walk out on the bridge. That was quite an experience as the trucks blew by and the bridge shook. I was glad to get back in the car.


The tobacco barns are all painted black because it absorbs the heat and hastens the curing process. This seems to be a sure sign of fall and one you don’t see up our way.


Knob Creek Farm in Hodgenville, Kentucky is the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln. The colors were just beginning to unfold, but are muted by the cloudy skies. It really was breath-taking.


This was really a beautiful route. Particularly from the passenger seat!


12 Responses to “Finding Fall”

  1. Jay Says:

    Great photos. It’s hard to find fall here too. It stayed hot too long so the trees aren’t changing, just turning brown. 😦

  2. dilling Says:

    That’s a trip I’d like to take….our fall colours aren’t quite what they should be this year…I don’t know if it’s cuz the summer wasn’t what it should have been or if it’s just me?!?

  3. Patsy Ann Says:

    Oh, I just love your photos! We still haven’t reached an area where the colors are that bright. Those pics just make me itch to get out there and walk among the weeds and trees.

  4. Hilary Says:

    Lovely, moody photos. We’ve had some amazing foliage displays this year too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Big John Says:

    Nice pics.

    ‘Knob Creek’, I wonder how that got it’s name ? 😉

  6. What a beautiful place! The leaves in this part of Arkansas are starting to turn beautifully. I predict our color peak during the second full week of November.

    Love your new garden statue!! Sort of like those living mannequins in store windows.

  7. Nessa Says:

    Great pictures. I like the live statue and the tobacco barn.

  8. tod Says:

    That looks like a great trip and I love the statue. Thanks for sharing.

  9. daddy d Says:

    Knob Creek … I have to go there. Thanks for showing it to me.

  10. mjd Says:

    I have been looking for Fall too. Although we are finally seeing some color, many of our trees locally are dull green. I think this is due to the late frost.

    I like the tobacco barn picture too. Of course, Willi looks as handsome as ever.

  11. corky Says:

    Very beautiful! Kentucky seems like a wonderful place. Maybe someday I’ll get out of Louisville and check it out. LOL

  12. Tink Says:

    The one of the barn is my favorite. I love the angle and the contrast of the colors. Well done!

    Also, is that Tinkerbell in the statues hand?! I kid, I kid. 😉

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