Minor Irritations

November 4, 2007

Today I cleaned out my closet, packing summer clothes away until next year. While folding shirts into neat little piles, I realized that a great number of them look like this beneath the neckline. Nothing irritates me more than having a tag stick me in the back of the neck all day long. My son had the same problem, and as a result many of his shirts had holes in the back where he pulled the tags out, along with all of the stitching and the neckband. The scissors had become my best friend and we both said good-bye to the labels.


I’d like to hug the neck of the person who decided this would be a good idea. It sure took long enough, but oh what a difference it makes.


Now if we could just figure out what to do with the hanger wars, I would be in good shape.



4 Responses to “Minor Irritations”

  1. mjd Says:

    Yes, the tagless shirts are a wonderful invention. Now, if you solve the hanger problem, you might become a wealthy woman.

  2. dilling Says:

    aaaahhhh…the tagless shirt…lovers them

  3. Jay Says:

    That’s more hangers than I’ve owned in my whole life. LOL 😉

    Tagless shirts were a great idea. I hope the person who came up with it got a raise or a bonus at least.

  4. Hilary Says:

    No more itchy, scratchy neck. I love the tagless shirts too.

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