Swashbuckle They Did!

November 10, 2007

piratehead.gifI live in Pirate Country.

The first football game I shivered through was a Pirate football game, at my dad’s side sipping hot cocoa.

It was another place in time, but the excitement is just the same. Tonight I found myself sitting in front of the computer listening to the Pirates play in the Regionals. They have just won the game 21-20 and are headed for the Semi-state!

I haven’t been to a Pirate game in quite awhile. Although my youth was spent in this town, I raised my family in another berg down the road. My children are not Pirates. But I am. And once again I’m home. Right in the thick of the Pirate’s Den! Some days, particularly when the two teams play each other, I find myself in a bit of a stew. Since my bread is buttered in the other berg, I refrain from showing my true colors, though most know me to be a Pirate at heart. Heaven forbid I should be made to walk the plank!


On the other hand, when I attend church right across the street from my Alma Mater, I am near a traitor there, too! Most do not know that Pirate blood runs through my veins. They see me for the dog that they meet as foe on the football field! None the less, I remain steadfast.

So tonight I lift my coffee cup to the Pirates. It was as great a game as I have ever heard played. Maybe even greater than the band of buccaneers whose colors I wore back in the day. Tonight I’ll dream dreams of green wooden bleachers under tall bright lights. My dad’s plaid coat and a wool blanket will keep me warm in the cool, crisp air. Hot chocolate and the smell of popcorn will tempt me to stray from the excitement of the fight song and the cheers. And the mighty, mighty Pirates will be marching on to another victory.



3 Responses to “Swashbuckle They Did!”

  1. coffeypot Says:

    Before the Falcons and Braves came to Atlanta, the Friday and Saturday night football games were huge. The stadiums were always full. But now it is only the students and family who show up. It’s a shame, too. There were some good clean fun times, not to mention the socializing after each game. My high school is gone, now. But the alumni still meet each month and have summer and Christmas parties each year, plus an occasional group trip. I’ve never been, but my sister goes all the time.

  2. mjd Says:

    You and the chief Bulldog in your home could sneak down to see the Pirates beat the Greyhounds next week; and then, go back on the 24th to watch the Pirates win their second state football title.

  3. daddy d Says:

    It was a fun win, but then a win is always better than loss.
    There can be a good loss, if the effort was there. The effort with the win is more positive.

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