All Lit Up

November 25, 2007

It’s official now. The Christmas season has begun for me, and in fine style. No, it wasn’t with the hordes of shoppers that ventured into the mania of Black Friday. It didn’t even happen Saturday at Borders as we picked up a few seasonal children’s books. We rang in the holiday last night with a Parade of Lights. And it was very cool.



This was the ninth year of the annual event in the town where my children were raised, but the first did not occur until after we had moved.

We happened upon it because Willi was asked, graciously agreed,volunteered to be on the panel of judges, a task which he took very seriously.

And rightfully so, because there were prizes galore. Some were monetary and some in gift certificates. There were 26 entries and each of them had obviously invested considerable time, not to mention the lights, to take part in this holiday celebration.


Some of them were vehicles we commonly see in parades, like one of the town fire trucks. My favorite was this school bus. Not something you usually see unless it is to carry the band back to the high school. My bus sure never looked like this.


The Cub Scouts had a float, and so did a few of the local churches. This one carried several members of the Red Hat Society. They sang songs and were decked out in their red and purple attire. It was quite something.


This was part of a group of three dancing horses. Really! Which was pretty cool because Eddie the DJ started playing Christmas music way before the parade ever started, and finally came the dancers! The kids loved it. And so did I.


But not near as much as they liked the final float, which carried Santa Claus to the Town Hall. The parade actually started at 6:30 and did not reach our place in the crowd until closer to 7:00. We arrived at 6:00 and could hardly find a place to park. I was surprised at the turn out since it was so cold. But nobody seemed to mind. They even brought lawn chairs and bags for the candy. Just like the fourth of July.


The parade culminated at the town grounds where all of the entries parked, left their lights on, and wandered inside to see who had won the prizes. Families brought their little ones to see Santa, and there was hot cocoa and donuts to warm the soul.


The ladies in red had taken seats in the front row. They seemed to be a nice enough group of people. You could sure pick them out in the crowd. I was wondering if I needed to find an escape route for Willi, should they not be one of the winners. Thankfully that wasn’t necessary!


Before we left I stood by Santa for a bit and listened to him talk with the children. My thoughts returned to the day when my kids shared their desires with the big guy. Back when they were young and it was natural and easy for them to believe.


Things really haven’t changed that much. Sure, they ask for different things. But the wonder is still the same. And it sure was good to get a bit of that wonder on me last night. So, come on Christmas! Bring it on! I’m ready.


7 Responses to “All Lit Up”

  1. dilling Says:

    EEEK….I’m not!

  2. gawilli Says:

    Dilling – I didn’t mean “I’m ready”. I meant I’m ready to get ready. Really.

  3. Andrée Says:

    I really enjoyed the school bus, too. It’s one of those new ones and our town just got one. And I liked the lit up horse! That was quite a time you had.

    Thank you for the ID. It never occurred to me that birds have winter clothes. I thought it was some exotic rare species! I’m glad you dropped by.

  4. daddy d Says:

    The lights do make me think of this time of the year. They will help me to start to get ready to get ready.

  5. tod Says:

    What a fab parade! that looks like so much fun.

    I’m ready!

    I’m ready!

    I’m ready!

  6. Tink Says:

    That’s awesome!! How did that guy light the lights on the horse?

  7. katy Says:

    wow these are great, never seen a parade like this before

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