Good Stuff

November 30, 2007

In 1999 Willi and I made our way down to Nashville for spring break. It was the first of many trips South for us. We had heard of The Bluebird Cafe, famous for it’s up close and personal presentation of singer-songwriters. Reservations are phoned in a week in advance, so we got on the list for a show which included Alan Rhody, John Scott Sherrill, and some other guy.

For most shows the artists are seated in the round, as was the case this evening. We were so close, the waitress handed me their drinks. The show began with Rhody doing one of his tunes, then Sherrill, and then this other guy who just drew us in. I found myself marking time until it was his turn again and again.

Often when we see shows like this, the other musicians sit silent until their turn comes. But not him. He listened, picked up the melody, and became a part of every song. He had a quiet and sincere way about him that made you feel like family. Each of his songs were wonderfully written and performed. I couldn’t get enough. After the show we bought his CD and drove around just so we could listen to it. His name was Tim Krekel. And we’ve been following him ever since.


So much so that we plan all of our trips around his schedule in his hometown of Louisville. If we are lucky we can see two or maybe even three shows a trip. At first we had to find our way around, but now it’s like coming home to see a friend. And he welcomes us just that way. We’ve seen him play alone and with a full band, now called the Tim Krekel Orchestra. Different sounds and always good. We have managed to gather up all of his CD’s, one by one. And we love them all.

His latest release called Soul Season has just been ranked number one in this week’s ratings on XM’s X-Country Channel 12, with an in-studio interview scheduled for December 3rd. It looks like maybe some others have found what we did a few years back. I sure hope so.

I had an e-mail this morning that a few of his songs had been posted over on YouTube. At last I can share him with you. I had a tough time choosing the one for this post, so if you like it, please give Can’t Cry Anymore and Angel’s Share a listen also. None of these are with the band. I’m hoping they will show up sometime soon, but you can hear a few of the songs off of Soul Season here. His website is here. It’s all good stuff…


9 Responses to “Good Stuff”

  1. katy Says:

    well thank you, never heard of him but yes I quite like this.
    so Gawilli – ‘this is good stuff’.

  2. dilling Says:

    nah, that’s GREAT stuff…thanks. Looks like I got me some Christmas presents to buy for myself!!!
    I want to come on a music watching trip with you sometime! That’d be good stuff!

  3. Willowtree Says:

    Yet again you amaze me with your musical appreciation. I like him a lot, and will probably try to get some music of his. I particularly like Angel’s Share, it reminded me of one of Plant and Page’s acoustic songs off No Quarter (I’m not suggesting plagiarism, I’m just saying it has the same feel to it, I’ll look for it later and let you know).

    He’s much better than a lot of of those making a lot more money from music (which sadly, happens all too often).

  4. gawilli Says:

    Katy – thanks for giving a listen. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Dilling – I would love for you to come this way some time! You would need to put on your traveling shoes because we would definitely head South. That is, unless we head into the Windy City. There are some good shows at Fitzgerald’s. I know you would like it there. Come on!

    WT – I’ll be interested to know which Plant/Page song you are thinking of. The singer/songwriter life is a hard one, I think, unless you have the good fortune to make it singing your own songs. Many of the people we listen to make their living selling their songs to the bigger names. I imagine it to be somewhat rewarding and frustrating at the same time, to hear someone else singing your songs, when you really want to be the one the radio. I would love for Tim to be heard. He so deserves it. Thanks for listening.

  5. Cazzie Says:

    Awesome…I wat his CD for my birthday!!

  6. nessa Says:

    Very nice. I’d fall down if I tried to play to instruments at once. Who am I kidding: one alone would be more challenge than I could handle.

  7. Willowtree Says:

    As I said, it’s not that the songs sound the same (although there are some very slight similarities), it’s more a case of both songs having the same feeling for me.

    Anyway, I found the one Plant / Page song is Wondeful One

  8. daddy d Says:

    Music stuff is fun stuff. A tool that I got from you was very well thought of by the musical artists at the church concert. They both thought that they needed several of those CD openners. Way to cool of a tool.

  9. […] you have been reading here for awhile you will remember me sharing him with you here, and here, and here. John wrote about him here. Early on  you couldn’t find him on youTube, but now […]

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