Darn Squirrels!

December 8, 2007

Last winter the squirrels ravaged the three bird feeders outside my kitchen window. They came down from the roof, up the wire from the ground, and once I even saw them climbing the brick wall. All to get to the bird seed and suet. At first their acrobatics were funny. Then it got old. The birds didn’t tolerate them very well and so if the squirrels were there, the birds weren’t.

We added another feeder this year for oilers, and decided to try feeding the squirrels a cracked corn mix hoping they would stay away from the birds. The old cement bird bath made a perfect tray and was heavy enough that they couldn’t knock it over. The good news is, they are leaving the window feeders alone. And they appreciated the new feed. But not nearly as much as the new feeder. It didn’t take them long at all to figure out how to shimmy up the pole and crawl inside.

This morning I caught them in action. One inside and one perched on top. His patience wore thin and eventually rocked the feeder enough that he fell off. The other one emerged and chased him all the way across the back yard. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. Better than watching tv, for sure.





19 Responses to “Darn Squirrels!”

  1. dilling Says:

    ARGH!!!!! My dad has a huge squirrel war going on. He loves feeding the birds but hates feeding the squirrels….he’s come up with some clever ways to dissuade the squirrels but tat least it keep him busy!

  2. Willowtree Says:

    They’re great to look at, in someone else’s place.

  3. tod Says:

    This would keep me occupied for hours!

  4. tod Says:

    Watching the squirrels that is, not trying to get in your feeders! lol!

  5. Cazzie Says:

    So..is squirrel sup any good? If so…I would be cooking up a storm right now, LOL

  6. Jay Says:

    I would pour me some hot chocolate and kick back and watch all this action all afternoon long. haha

  7. G-man Says:

    Nice shootin’ Tex. We have a bird feeder on a stick too, and I have a similar set of photos from our back window. I do not like squirrels.

  8. daddy d Says:

    Yea, squirrels have to live, also. They are just doing the best that they can to eat. Food is food. Calories are calories. I don’t know why bird have more status…except that are lots of different kinds of birds. Well, they do sing once in awhile.

  9. gawilli Says:

    Cazzie – don’t know about squirrel soup. But I do know they are edible. Can’t say that I would want to try!

    Daddy D – There are an awful lot of squirrels, and they all look exactly the same. That is except for the ones Willi gets with his slingshot and paintballs.

  10. coffeypot Says:

    Squirrels are next to genius when it comes to finding ways to get into a bird feeder. I found that a shotgun works well.

  11. katy Says:

    you really captured that so well, i love watching them too, yes i know they are vermin but they are pretty vermin arent they!

  12. Hilary Says:

    Determined little creatures… I love squirrels. Great captures. 🙂

  13. debi Says:

    I love those little buggers. I can’t believe you managed to get any action shots. They move so darn quick. You could post more of these pictures of you wanna. I love your nature shots.

  14. I love watching the squirrels around my house. I never think of them as being a pests. They are so cute!

  15. mjd Says:

    Happy Birthday, GA

  16. debi Says:

    Happy Birthday Gene. I cannot believe how time is flying by.

  17. gawilli Says:

    Thanks, Deb! It sure doesn’t slow down for us any, does it?

  18. Chrissy Says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    I like to watch the squirrels on those squirrel feeders that have the corn on a pinwheel that spins on the trees! I am not describing it very well but it is funny to watch them on that, not in the bird feeders!!!
    Happy Birthday again!!!

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