Christmas Hoopla

December 19, 2007

I was tagged by my daughter, to share my Christmas Hoopla: 12 random things about Christmas. And Me. First let me say that 12 items is a lot. So pay attention. There will be a test tomorrow.

1. The holiday beverage of choice in this house is Apricot Slush. If I forget about it, someone always reminds me, which was the case this year as Willi and I strolled through the grocery store last weekend. We make several buckets full and freeze them. Enough to last at least until the Super Bowl. Here is the recipe. Write this down, Sarah.

2 cups sugar
2 cups apricot brandy
1 – 12 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate (no pulp)
1 – 12 oz. frozen lemonade (no pulp)
tea – 7 cups water to 4 tea bags

Bring the water to a boil and drop in the tea bags. Steep until the tea is nice and strong. While the tea is brewing, put the other ingredients in a bowl or pan large enough to hold the entire batch. Add the tea while it is still hot so that the juices and sugar dissolve. Pour into tubs with lids and freeze. To serve, an ice cream scoop works best. Fill the glass almost full and top it off with 50/50, ginger ale, or 7-up. Garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry. We generally lose the garnish after the holidays.

2. The munchee of choice is Chex Mix. Here is the recipe. We also make enough of this to last until the Super Bowl. Then that’s it until next Christmas. You have to draw the line somewhere.

3. Back in the day, when my kids were near the end of high school and just out, we always had a houseful of kids Christmas night. They would make the rounds with their family in the daytime and settle here for nog and leftovers. And when they were old enough, Slush. We stayed up till all hours watching television, listening to music, and exchanging presents. I would catch up on how their lives were going. Now they are all grown, some with families of their own, and scattered about in different states. Those were good days.

4. I really liked hearing this rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, by Straight No Chaser, the Indiana University Men’s A Capella group. What a giggle.

5. I like getting gifts that I need. One year I asked for an ironing board and no-one believed that was what I really wanted. So the next year I told everybody and their brother that I really wanted an ironing board, and sure enough there it was on Christmas morning. Stuff that I will use, but don’t generally want to spend the money on. That’s what I like. Other than music, of course. And socks and underwear.

6. And flannel nightgowns. My mom found a great old pattern for flannel nightgowns when I was in college. And every Christmas she would gift me with a nightgown that she had made for me. They were floor length, with the fabric gathered onto a yoke and raglan sleeves. There was always lace sewn around the cuffs. This continued until her last Christmas when she was no longer able to sew. Months later when I went through her fabric and patterns, I found my Christmas nightgown which had been all cut out and was ready to sew. I still have it.

7. My favorite ornament, really isn’t. My mom used to hang it at the top of her tree so I do the same. It was my rattle when I was a baby. It looks fitting on the tree, I think.


8. My favorite decoration is a tree that my daughter made for me many years ago. She toiled away with items we had at home, and some that we purchased, although I had know idea why at the time. I always look forward to unwrapping it each year and putting it in its proper place of honor. The gifts she wrapped and placed underneath are still the same, except for the finial from one of my lampshades, which I unwrapped and put back on the lamp. Um. Sorry.


9. Willi and I pitched in so that the new music teacher at our middle school could buy garbage cans, PVC pipes, brooms and other noise making items along with drumsticks so that the sixth graders could do their own production of STOMP. We went to see it yesterday and it was awesome. The kids were really into it. That was a great Christmas present for both of us. Which brings me to…

10. I stepped off of the handicapped incline and fell trying to get a good picture. I’m a little bent, but my camera thinks it might be broke. When I turn it on or off, the lens extends itself several times and the frame is a little off kilter. It still doesn’t know if it wants to work or not. If not, my family should please see number 5. (above). Really.

11. Last week I posted this picture and was really surprised nobody noticed the odd shaped piece of wood resting on the limestone above the fireplace. At least nobody commented on it anyway. The first year Willi and I shared a Christmas, he kept removing the antlers from the wooden deer and “hanging them on the mantle”. I would put them back, and he would steal them away again. Now I don’t even mess with it. It’s become a part of our Christmas tradition, along with the my angel sitting on his cowboy hat on top of the tree.


12. Every Christmas is my favorite. I have thought about many when writing this post and they all have been memorable. From my times as a child, to my times with my own children, and now with Willi’s – fast on their way to adulthood. I have been blessed with full tables at dinnertime and warm hearts around the tree. This one will be another favorite, I am sure.

Now comes the fun part. Maya’s Granny, you’re next. Along with Katy and Debi. Merry Christmas!

The directions:

1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.
2. Please refer to it as a hoopla not the dreaded “m” word.
3. You have to specifically tag someone when you’re done, no leaving it open.
4. Do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over soon…


12 Responses to “Christmas Hoopla”

  1. katy Says:

    thank you, i think!
    the 12 days of christmas, loved it!
    think that is so sweet having your rattle as a christmas ornament.
    love the decorations the children make, i have a few will use them for this tag!
    and poor you and even poor camera, hope you are both feeling a better!
    and yes every Christmas is just great well said.
    will let you know when i get this up

  2. mjd Says:

    I love your rattle ornament and Sarah’s tree. I hope that Santa brings you a new camera, which is a greater necessity than an ironing board.

  3. katy Says:

    i done my Christams Hoopla

  4. dilling Says:

    I LOVE that tree!!!
    Hope your Santas are reading #5 and #10.

  5. Tink Says:

    I love the story about your Mom making the PJs for you each year!! Thank you for this great meme. If I don’t talk to you on Monday, have a great holiday.

  6. Big John Says:

    ‘Apricot slush’ sounds good, but I’d double or maybe triple the Apricot Brandy content. 🙂

    Have a great Christmas. John

  7. corky Says:

    Have a Merry Christmas Gawilli. Will you be serving Ovaltine this year? 😉

  8. Willowtree Says:

    To Gawilli and Family,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    from WT and Family

  9. Rain Says:

    thought I would take this opportunity to delurk! Merry Christmas!!

  10. debi Says:

    Hi Gene, I thank you for including me. I want to join in the fun. I may not be able to right now but I will try. CUZ OH MY GOODNESS, TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE! I AINT READY MA.I am freakin out. I have never been this behind. I still have shopping left to do. But whatever, wishing you and Willi a very Merry Christmas. God Bless you both.

  11. katy Says:

    Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas x

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