Food for My Soul

December 31, 2007

The coo of a baby

The laugh of a child

Willi’s corny jokes

Good smells coming from the kitchen

A window over the sink

Birds on the feeder

A fire in the fireplace

Music. Lots of it.


Sarah’s smile

Josh’s hug

A good children’s book

Extra bold roast. Steaming hot.

Snow. Lots of it.

A snowblower

A job well done


Bare feet in green grass

Fall leaves

Driving South


Crayons. A full box.

New shoes

Garcia ties

Soft gentle rain

Cool sheets

A soft kiss on the back of the neck


What is food for your soul?

Thanks to Northwest Ladybug for this wonderful idea…


15 Responses to “Food for My Soul”

  1. We must be soul mates because I could just duplicate this list inserting my own family names!

  2. gawilli Says:

    Songbird – I always thought we were kindred spirits! Happy New Year!

  3. nice…
    I’m a fan of new crayons!

  4. coffeypot Says:

    How about:

    Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches
    The first cold beer on a hot day
    Grandkids laughter
    Grandkids singing with the radio
    George Bush (Gotcha)

  5. Rain Says:

    I wish everything on your list for you this year!

  6. katy Says:

    a perfect list
    i would just add
    a walk with the dog
    sand between my toes
    a play in the park
    and cuddles from all
    wishing you and all your family a Happy New Year and may it be filled with peace, love, happiness and good health x

  7. corky Says:

    I wish we had snow, and a fireplace. I’ll add football, and lasagna to the list. šŸ˜‰

  8. gawilli Says:

    Crookedeyebrow – that and a nice clean sheet of white paper!

    CP – Yes you did! I’m still laughing. At least you didn’t say Huckabee. Maybe there is still hope for you!

    I’ve had banana sandwiches, but never with Peanut Butter. I’ll have to give that a try.

    Rain – Thank you! I’m looking forward to a good year, and for you and yours also.

    Katy! Sand between the toes – I forgot that one. The best to you and your family also.

    Corky – Football – how could I forget the food for Willi’s soul? And lasagna…that was our dinner Christmas Eve. One of my favorites, too. That and Ovaltine.

  9. dilling Says:

    dogs and dogwalks
    impromptu dinner parties
    dark roast, full bodied coffees
    acts of bravery
    acts of selflessness
    poets and songwriters
    the smell of orange blossoms
    coming home
    microbrew beers
    Angel From Montgomery(no matter who sings it)
    Mesa Verde National Park
    my old house with new orange walls

  10. mjd Says:

    You know the old standbys…raindrops on roses, warm woolen mittens. I like gray days in November, a crisp blue sky in June or September, a gentle spring rain, a summer thunderstorm, family, friends, cream cheese, the smell of Lilies of the Valley, new beginnings, fresh baked bread, the squeaky sand at the Dunes, learning new stuff, finishing a project, laughing, and making people laugh.

  11. nessa Says:

    Such a beautiful list. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  12. daddy d Says:

    Nice list. It is filled with lots of meaning.

    Happy New Year.

  13. gawilli Says:

    Dilling – I should have added your dog walks. They are one of my favorite things. I also like the smell of orange blossoms. We had a mock orange tree outside our window back in the day and it was heavenly. As for Angel from Montgomery, I couldn’t agree more. But I am particularly fond of John Prine. Nice list. Another kindred spirit.

    Mjd – Summer thunderstorms! I forgot about that and will whole heartedly agree, but only if I can still have my electricity afterward. And it is a good thing you like Lily of the Valley since you have so many. Fresh baked bread – another good one! I like laughing, too. And listening to other people laugh, like you.

    Nessa – Happy New Year to you also!

    Daddy D – Lots of nourishment in that list. Happy New Year!

  14. Cazzie Says:

    Food for my soul…
    A good book
    A jigsaw Puzzle, the full set
    Great music
    Happy Laughing family
    The smell of the Beach’
    The feel of warm water
    Reminisce of great times
    Feeling thankful for being alive, every single day is a bonus since the brush with death
    The hugg from a loved one
    The knowing that you are loved
    A good seafood dish…
    With some refreshing juice.
    Helping others, my patients and knowing I have given my all.

  15. Hilary Says:

    Great list.. most of those and..

    A kneading cat’s purr
    Kidlet giggles
    My son playing guitar
    My other son home for the holidays
    Chocolate-raspberry martinis
    Summer rain
    Thunder storms
    Outdoor fireplaces
    Hot showers
    Bodies of water
    The camera’s eye

    Happy New Year

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