WWC: Fine Feathered Friends

January 2, 2008

We had a wonderful snow for New Year’s Day and the feeders were full. The birds were waiting in line, which gave me a great opportunity to practice with my camera. Moving from a point and shoot has been a matter of confidence building for me. With my sight slipping a bit, I really didn’t think I could focus better than the camera. As a result, I have been sorely disappointed in the quality of my pictures. So this day I shut off auto-focus and tried it on my own. I know I have a ways to go, but I am so excited about the results! Anyway, here is my contribution to the Weekly Words Challenge…

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This week’s words are Brown and Pattern
thanks to Tink over at Pickled Beef.

Shades of Brown

Mourning Doves


Mama Cardinals




Junco on the Wire


Goldfinch on the Wire


Are you seeing the pattern yet?

Papa Cardinal on the Wire


Mostly they are polite and wait their turn!

This Red Finch is guarding his spot.


And the little Wren on the tray is not the least bit interested in me or my camera!



16 Responses to “WWC: Fine Feathered Friends”

  1. tod Says:

    Your pictures are amazing. I love their little clawed feet!

  2. mjd Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. Are you looking through a lens as you shoot the pictures or are you looking at a LCD screen? Also, did you use a zoom feature of camera to get the bird close-ups?

  3. Tink Says:

    Ah! Your pictures are FANTASTIC! I love the detail and color. As of late, our neighborhood has become the meeting and mating ground for over a thousand hawks. It’s an amazing site. Unfortunately (or should that be “fortunately”?) they don’t roost in our yard, so I can never get any pictures.

  4. Jay Says:

    Those pictures are really great! I love them.

  5. chrisb Says:

    I am truly amazed at the variety and beauty of the birds you photograph. To me these are fantastic shots wish I could take a picture half as good.

  6. Jinks Says:

    Enjoyed the birds as well as the rest of your blog.

  7. Hilary Says:

    Absolutely beautiful shots. I think their seeds were foritified with eggnog… those birds are all wired. 😉

    They’re lovely. 🙂

  8. dilling Says:

    “Like a bird on a wire
    Like a drunk in a midnight choir…”

    I adore that little junco the most…and the goldfinch next…something about the roundness of them, I think.

  9. Freakazojd Says:

    Oh my goodness, your photos are fabulous!! You have a lot of birds in your area…so nice. Our front hedge has had a “gaggle” of chickadees in it for the last few weeks. I love when they visit…such happy little sounds coming from my front yard. 🙂
    Happy new year!

  10. gawilli Says:

    Tod – I love the claws also, but I really like the way they are all fluffed up!

    Mjd – This camera has an LCD screen but it is only to work with the settings and review what your picture looks like afterward, so I am looking through a tiny little view finder. I also have a zoom lens, but can crop the pictures if the focus and detail is good enough. I would really like a telephoto lens, but they are way too expensive for a beginner like me. We looked at them at Christmas, and I decided I really need to learn some more before making that kind of investment.

    Tink – Oh my heavens! I would be camped out wherever the hawks are. We generally have a few, but they are all gone this winter. That many in our little neck of the woods would make mincemeat of my little critters I’m afraid.

    Thanks, Jay!

    Chris – I really am amazed also. Our little neighborhood is nestled between an Interstate and two other major roadways. I’m glad they are sticking around.

    Jinks – Glad you stopped by!

    Hilary – Wired! So funny! Thanks for the kind words. Your photos are an inspiration for me.

    Dilling – I recognize that from my exploration of Leonard Cohen from one of your posts. “…I have tried in my way to be free.” I love it.

    Happy New Year, Freakazojd! I love to hear the bird sounds also, but I don’t hear them much in the winter unless they are unhappy with a fellow feeder. Then they just squawk!

  11. daddy d Says:

    Nice work. The pictures all look good to me. The number of different kinds of birds is impressive.

  12. Big John Says:

    It snowed for the first time here in the UK today.
    Plenty of birds about, but the ones on my feeders are all little hooligans, a bit like many young Brits. 😉

  13. nessa Says:

    Spectacular photos.

    I see the pattern, I see the pattern (waves hands in the air like a two year old.)

  14. G-man Says:

    Happy New Year!!!

    Excellent photos. I suck at trying to catch birds. Does your camera have different focus “options” like closest subject or center ? My Nikon sometimes does not focus on what I want. Some of that has to do with contrast. It wont focus on a white wall, but put a black stripe across it and it will focus on that.

    Have fun learning you camera. 🙂 Looking forward to your WWC contributions.

  15. corky Says:

    Beautiful pics! I wish we would get a good snow.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. They are wonderful!!

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