Woven Together in Song

January 6, 2008

Friday morning Willi and I stopped by work long enough to tie up loose ends, donned our driving clothes, and headed South to bring my son home for a much needed visit. We only lingered long enough to down some burgers and several cups of coffee. We talked all the way home, stumbling out of the car twelve or so hours later. Even then we settled in on the couch and continued for a few hours more. I’m glad there was a little snow left for him to enjoy. And we kept the tree and decorations around a little longer, too. I won’t mind taking them down so much, now that my Christmas is complete.

Today we made a pot of chili and took turns stirring the pot. It’s more than beef and beans; it’s food for the soul. We’ve shared what we’ve been doing on our computers and measured keystrokes of our lives since the last time we really got to talk. There is so much catching up to be done and each little bit leads to another conversation or remembering.

As I sit to write this post I am treated to song after song that he has in his collection. Some are new ones that I haven’t heard before, but many are songs that tie us to each other and the moments we have shared. We speak the language of music and find solace in the rhythm and lyric. It’s an eclectic collection of music he heard at home, music of his growing up, and all that he has added since then. First I heard the Blues Brothers, then Van Morrison followed by the Kingsman, of all things. John Mellencamp, then my Eagles favorite, Seven Bridges Road. Collective Soul and Alice in Chains. An outstanding version of Life is a Highway covered by Rascal Flatts, then some 311, Urge, and back to CCR. There is a pleasant interruption to my writing as each song brings a reason to stop and talk.

Our family is fortunate to share a love of music. It is something that always plays in the background of our lives, yet marks time and place, smiles and sometimes sadness. It is a common thread, weaving mother to son to father to daughter. The end result may be a patchwork quilt of crazy colors and patterns, stitched together with both twine and fine silk, but I find great comfort and joy in its warmth.


12 Responses to “Woven Together in Song”

  1. corky Says:

    Very nice! It is my hope that our family is as close as your family is when Max grows up. I’m going to do my best to make sure that happens. πŸ™‚

  2. Hilary Says:

    There was music in the way you expressed yourself in this post. A warm, familial melody. I’m happy for you. πŸ™‚

  3. chrisb Says:

    Glad you are enjoying family time and some good music, I see the Eagles are having a bit of a renaissance!

    Hope you don’t mind me tagging you- don’t feel obliged to accept!

  4. coffeypot Says:

    That was a nice ballard. When will he be going back?

  5. Susan Says:

    How wonderful that you are getting a chance to visit and just enjoy each other and your music.

  6. nessa Says:

    I am so happy for your joy with your son.

  7. daddy d Says:

    Family relationships are at the heart of life’s matters. There is a great joy in each other as we move together through time.

  8. dilling Says:

    have a lovely visit….

  9. tod Says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. Have fun with the rest of your son’s visit! πŸ™‚

  10. Beautifully written and definitely a subject I identify with.

  11. Freakazojd Says:

    FANTASTIC tradition. I would love to say something more beautiful and profound that “MUSIC ROCKS!” but there it is. πŸ™‚
    I hope you all continue to have a wonderful visit!!

  12. debi Says:

    That was a warm and cozy post. You can really weave your words beautifully. We are a music loving family too. Every song is connected to a memory. It’s magical that way.

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