WWC: Oh, Baby!

January 14, 2008

Please excuse my absence from blogdom this past week, and probably for the next few days also. I have been checking in on you, lurking I guess, but life has been happening and so that’s about all I’ve had time for. I have been soaking up every bit of Josh there is, as well as Sarah and Mark when their time allows. Life is good.

I’ve also been reading all I can find to get a take on our illustrious presidential candidates. And sinking deeper and deeper into a political depression of sorts. And it’s only January. More on that when I gather my thoughts, save to say I’m tired of voting for less rather than more. Or against instead of for. Maybe I expect too much. After all, Mr. Smith doesn’t really go to Washington anymore, does he?

Then there is the Thought Crime Bill. Have you been following this? If not, you should be. It passed in the House with a vote of 404 to 6, and has been referred to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, of which Obama is a member. I’ll be watching to see what he does with this one, since he hasn’t yet made a commitment either way. Although I’m not a fan of the people/examples in this clip, the narrative is well worth your time. And then you can always Google it. There’s plenty out there for you to read. This bill is so vaguely written, and its implementation so purely subjective, that scares me to no end.

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On a brighter note, this week’s words are Square and Soft
thanks to Tink over at Pickled Beef.



and oh so soft!



9 Responses to “WWC: Oh, Baby!”

  1. Jay Says:

    The bill that video is talking about is outrageous and is thought police. However, if they would make it retroactive to 1992 they could arrest almost all of the republicans for the things they said in the 90s. Especially all their support of those silly militias that sprung up all over the country.

    Love the pics!

  2. katy Says:

    ah you cant get softer than a baby so so cute.
    enjoy your time with your son, have lots of hugs and quality time with him

  3. Nessa Says:

    Cute pictures and perfect for the words.

  4. daddy d Says:

    Very heavy stuff in that video. I rather look at the baby picture, but that baby needs the basic rights to be kept in place.

  5. Cazzie Says:

    How precious 🙂

  6. mjd Says:

    I have been absent from blogdom too. The bill is scary enough, but the thought that most of the House voted for the bill is even scarier. Additionally, we have laws against violence and treason. That should be sufficient to deal with those planning evil deeds.

    Nice pictures…

  7. Tink Says:

    Aw. Babies are soft and squishy. I really like the angle and lighting of the block one though. Well played!

  8. Freakazojd Says:

    I love your pictures…what a GORGEOUS baby! (Of course!) 🙂 The video I’m going to save for another day. Depressing and scary indeed.

  9. Jen Says:

    I’m not entirely sure what to say with regards to that video? Didn’t they make a movie – “Minority Report” – somewhat along those same lines? I never would have thought we’d do something like that. . . .

    Love your pictures. I need to get back to WWC – it’s been awhile for me.

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