We’re Having a Baby!

January 19, 2008

Well we aren’t, as in Willi and I. But we are, kind of. We’re going to be grandparents. And that’s sort of like having a baby, only from a distance. At least it sure feels that way. Well, really I’m not exactly sure how it feels yet because I’m still numb. Agog is the word that comes to mind. Full of intense interest or excitement, eager. Yep that’s it. Agog.

Last week, just about this time, Sarah and I were in the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner. I offered her a glass of wine and she very softly declined saying “I’d rather not. I’m going to have a baby.” That’s it. She just slid it right in there, just like that! Can you believe it? From mom to grandma-to-be in a split second. I still can’t believe it. But it’s true! Sarah and Mark are having a baby in September. September. Boy, that’s an awfully long time to wait. And I was worried about the Presidential election. So much for that. We’ve got more important things to think about…


…like high chairs and car seats. And layettes. Do they still call them layettes? A lot has changed over the last 30 years. Did you know you can see babies being born on YouTube? Yep. I had a little paperback book. With no pictures. Did you know there are magazines just for grandparents? Well there are. And lots of Do’s and Don’ts Lists on how to be a good one. I’m going to start practicing now. This is pretty important stuff.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about how blessed we all are. The warmth of Sarah’s smile when she told me their news. The gleam in Mark’s eyes as he hugged me in the kitchen. How good they are together. What loving parents they will be. My heart is full. And happy. Did I tell you we’re having a baby?


31 Responses to “We’re Having a Baby!”

  1. milkandhoney Says:

    Oh, I wanted that wine really bad, too. I had to think twice about saying no after I found out what kind it was.

  2. gawilli Says:

    That’s ok, Sunshine. I’ll have a bottle chilled and ready for you in September! I’ll take the news over a shared glass of wine any day.

  3. mjd Says:

    I am so happy for you, Willi, Sarah, and Mark. Just think you are going to be a grandma, and being a grandma is great. Things have changed in having a baby over the past thirty years, and most of the changes are helpful.

  4. chrisb Says:

    What lovely news, congratulation, I know you will love being a grandma.

  5. nessa Says:

    I am so excited for you all. Congratulations!

  6. tod Says:

    Congratulations to you all! 🙂

  7. gawilli Says:

    Mjd – I’m so looking forward to it. Yes, I agree that the changes are helpful. But boy is it ever a market now. There’s a lot of money to be made here. And many choices that we didn’t have before.

    Nessa, Jay and Tod – Thanks so much!

  8. Hilary Says:

    Aww that’s wonderful news. Congratulations to you all. 🙂

  9. katy Says:

    Yippee and a great big congratulations, being a grandparent is highly recomended by me, yipee love to all of you x

  10. coffeypot Says:

    Having grandkids is, without a question, the best thing that can happen to you. They surpass the joys of parenthood and give you a whole new perspective on life. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  11. daddy d Says:

    That will be bring much joy. But then one must think about what work needs to be done to be around and productive in the future. The new baby makes for many new thoughts … how will I be and what can I do for the baby now and later on? All of which is good to consider and act upon.

  12. dilling Says:

    Hoorah….exciting news and HAPPY.

  13. Betty Says:

    Congratulations, Willi and family.

  14. Willowtree Says:

    Congratulations! That’s big news indeed.

  15. gawilli Says:

    Thanks, Hilarly!

    Katy – I know how much you enjoy being a grandparent!

    Coffeypot – I have had a heavy hit of perspective the last week. I know what you mean.

    Daddy D – You hit the nail on the head. As always.

    Thanks, Dilling and Betty!

    WT – So glad you came by to see our good news.

  16. pj librarian Says:

    Oh, how exciting! A baby has to be the second of God’s greatest gifts to us all. Yes, there is a lot out there both in stuff to buy and to read, but just being you is the best thing of all to offer. Also, what a cool way to let you in on the wonderful news. Congrats to everyone.

  17. graymama Says:

    What wonderful news!!! CONGRATS!!!!

    You will be the best grandma any kid could ask for 😀

  18. You are going to love it! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

  19. corky Says:

    Amazing news! Congrats!!!

  20. debi Says:

    Oh my goodness, Joy Joy Joy! Babies are taking over right now I think. I love it. Your daughter and her husband are the cutest couple ever. All the firsts you all are about to experience. Each baby is a wonder but the first is most amazing. Will you be there with her? I hope so. My girls just needed mom right there next to the dads. Maybe since I had so darn many babies or something. But even if you aren’t in the room the baby comes and in a moment there you are holding and loving that little miracle. What a blessed baby to have you and Willi as Grandparents. I am sending you a giant hug. Speaking of Grandmas, I need to pop in and say hello to Molly. Bless you Gene!

  21. gawilli Says:

    PJ – Where have you been? I agree that this is a great gift!

    Graymama – I’m sure going to try.

    Maya’s Granny – Thanks for stopping by. All the grandparents seem to be saying the same thing! I can’t wait.

    Thanks – Corky. I’ve been loving your pictures and wishing I had some of my own.

    Debi – We are not that far yet, but if she wants me there you know I will be! I’m a big believer in space so that will be completely their decision. Thanks for the hug! I can feel it from here!

  22. Tink Says:

    Aw! Congrats! That’s great news.

  23. Congratulations Granny!!! How exciting!!

  24. gawilli Says:

    Thanks, Tink!

    Granny? Oh, yeah…that’s me! Thanks Songbird.

  25. Frema Says:

    What happy news. Congratulations to all!

  26. Candy Says:

    I am so happy for you both. How wonderful a new life.
    Your mom is going to love buying baby clothes. She used to make them for you when you were little.

  27. Susan Says:

    Congrats! What exciting news, I’m so happy for all of you!

  28. gawilli Says:

    Frema – Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure enjoying your little one.

    Candy – I’ll pass your thoughts along to Sarah and Mark. I’m sure they will be glad to hear from you.

    Susan – Thanks! We’re all excited as you can tell!

  29. […] Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, all of which are treasures by the way. Aside from world peace and a new grandchild, that’s just about the best present you can send my way. Well, that and a much easier way of […]

  30. I am so very happy for them and your entire family!

    How wonderful!

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