One Good Tune Deserves Another

January 27, 2008

Or…why I never get anything done.

My friend, Dilling, sent me the gift of music not so long ago. Three compilations of tunes she enjoyed, and thought I would too; along with some Avett Brothers, Be Good Tanyas, and Raising Sand, by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, all of which are treasures by the way. Aside from world peace and a new grandchild, that’s just about the best present you can send my way. Well, that and a much easier way of ripping my CD’s to MP3’s which my son has introduced me to. Anyway, I’ve been slowly working through the collections of songs, one at a time. It takes me awhile because one good tune always leads to another. It usually goes something like this…

The thirteenth cut on the first CD is Dave Matthews and Keb Mo with this awesome rendition of Angel from Montgomery.

As always, when I hear something I haven’t heard before, I head on over to YouTube to see if I can find it. Although this particular cut wasn’t there, I found this one of John Prine. There’s another outstanding clip of he and Bonnie Raitt on an old Austin City Limits, but I couldn’t find it so I started searching Keb Mo instead, and got lost in his music.

The first time I heard Keb Mo was sometime around 1995. He had just won the W.C. Handy Award for his self titled CD. He followed that one up with Just Like You, and has kept the good ones coming every since. I’m a big fan.

Right there in the middle of Keb Mo I came across some clips of he and Robert Cray. Apparently they have teamed up to benefit the U.S.-Africa Children’s Fellowship, which resulted in a CD and series of concerts, which led to this clip…

…which reminded me of the first time I ever heard Bring it on Home to Me, by Dave Mason, some time in the 70’s on his self titled album. There were 125 versions of this song on iTunes, but his is still my favorite.

We had tickets to see him a few summers ago, but he took sick and the show went on without him. He is someone I would still love to see. Anyway, I didn’t find it on the Tube, but did come across this recent clip of We Just Disagree. What a guy. His voice is as clear and strong as always. Not too bad, huh?

Back now to Keb Mo. Because I got a hankering to hear some of his older stuff, in particular the first CD, and my favorite Come On in My Kitchen, which is an old Robert Johnson tune. Here is the original, and here is Keb Mo’s version…

Quite a difference, which led me to the Allman Brother’s version, here…

So, then I listened to a Greg Allman CD so I could hear Come and Go Blues.

Then I found it on the Tube, here. Remembering that I had skipped over Robert Cray, I came across this…

…which was the first song of his I remember hearing. I have seen him a few times, the last being in 1996 at the Riviera Theater in Chicago. It was outstanding. I went with a fellow blues lover. It was a “stand up show” and we were front and center. I could see every wince, moan, and pull of the string. So then I began to look through these…

for this,
but more importantly, this.

Having found my guitar pick, I went back to the Tube and found this clip of Robert Cray and John Hiatt.

John Hiatt is a Hoosier, you know. I headed downstairs to tell Josh about the time I was at Tower Records in Nashville and looked up to see John Hiatt standing next to me as I worked my way through the CD’s. Really. So then I needed to get out my John Hiatt CD’s so I could hear Cry Love.

Back to Keb Mo. There’s another great tune called Am I Wrong, on his first CD.

I wanted to see if I could find a clip of it on the Tube, but it was to no avail. I did however find this clip of a group called Fathead doing the same song at the Nanaimo Blues Festival

…which lead me right back to where I started, with Dilling, in Nanaimo. So, Dilling my friend, now you know why I haven’t digested all of the great tunes you have shared with me. But rest assured, I am enjoying every single one!


7 Responses to “One Good Tune Deserves Another”

  1. dilling Says:

    Wow…how do you get anything done !?!?!? Circular music. Love it!
    I love John Hiatt. And Robert Cray.
    Do you know Ben Harper? Of course, you probably do, eh?

  2. gawilli Says:

    We saw Ben Harper at HORDE Fest in 1998. At the time I was more interested in Blues Traveler, Barenaked Ladies, and Government Mule. My daughter was a big Ben Harper fan and I remember her being thrilled that he rubbed elbows with the crowd during the other shows. I have come to know his music much better since then, and liked the two songs of his you had shared.

  3. dilling Says:

    mmmm…blues traveler…..and barenaked…maybe i should have put a broaser mix of music on your cds!!!!

  4. dilling Says:

    you know I meant to say a broader mix, right?

  5. Molly Says:

    As usual, I am overwhelmed by your vast knowledge and appreciation of various selections of music. That being said, I used music twice this week on the blogs. The first is on The Return of the White Robin. In third my week entry for “Wildflowers in the Winter”, I linked to your picture of your Jack-in-the-Pulpit and included words for a song about the unusual flower from the Hansel and Gretel opera. I also have included a clip of a famous song on a February 1st post on our Mama Said, Papa Said site.

  6. Wow! This post was so much fun to ‘travel’ through.

    I have been meaning to thank you for your recommendation of Martin Sexton a while back. I finally bought ‘Seeds’ and I’m in the process of wearing the CD out. What a voice and the selection of songs is outstanding. I love his cover of “Will It Go Round in Circles” and “There Go I” is so powerful. What a great gift you gave me! Thanks again!

  7. gawilli Says:

    Dilling – What you sent was fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for a better selection and I am enjoying them all.

    Molly – Music is the perfect compliment to your pictures. I’m on my way over there now.

    Songbird – I knew you would enjoy Seeds. There Go I is one of my favorites. Ah, another lover of music!

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