Driving it Home

February 8, 2008

There’s nothing that settles me more than a long drive, flying solo. No one to talk to, or listen to for that matter; just me and my thoughts. Admittedly, on a business trip the ride home is much more enjoyable than the ride there because I tend to obsess over little things like weather, road conditions, night driving and time. All of those things being copasetic, I’m likely to choose something else to worry about, like finding the hotel. On the other hand, the ride home today was glorious, at least in the Northbound lane. Those poor suckers heading South had near standstill traffic for miles.


At any rate, driving alone is the one time when I am forced to be still and alone with my thoughts. Scary, isn’t it? My mind moves from one topic to another, in no certain order and with no need for solution or justification. For example…

This week our baby is about the size of a grape, with eyes fully formed. Sarah has asked me to join her for her appointment next week. I wonder if we will be able to hear the heartbeat.

My friends at work have decided that in addition to the baby shower, we also need a grandma shower. I was actually thinking we should hit some garage sales this summer.

Twice this week people have shared sad pregnancy stories with me. Why do people do that?

Sometimes I imagine the baby as a girl, and sometimes as a boy. I wonder which it will be. Either works quite nicely for me.

This baby will have three complete sets of grandparents. That’s quite something. I will need to be mindful to share, not make too many demands, and give them space. I do not want to cross that fine line between enough and too much. Sarah will help me with that.

It’s exciting to see the young people taking an interest in the presidential election. I just hope they get off their duffs and vote.

Sarah posted this week about Barack Obama. She didn’t get many comments. I knew she wouldn’t. She’s informed and involved. I like that.

There was a silver pick-up parked in the lot at work with a Ron Paul bumper sticker. Being my usual self, when I found out whose truck it was, I commented on the political statement only to find out it had been placed on his bumper as a joke. He didn’t even know who Ron Paul was.

I don’t know many women in positions of power that I care for. I think it’s because I expect more, and generally get the same old thing. Why are my expectations so high? Are my expectations the same regardless of gender? Is this why I don’t care for Hillary Clinton? I don’t think so. Not many would measure up to Anita Bowser, man or woman.

I read two comments this week from people that said they voted for Bush. Twice. And they would do it again, given the opportunity. What the heck is up with that? It kind of reminds me of my mom. She voted for Reagan. Twice. Really.

So I’m driving in the passing lane, with a stream of cars doing a steady 75 miles an hour, and the car in front of me hits the brakes, as do the rest of us, only to see a car skid to a halt on the inside berm so a young woman can hang her head out of the rear passenger side window to throw up. Lucky there wasn’t a pile-up. I can see the headlines now.

Guess I better get my mind on the road.


9 Responses to “Driving it Home”

  1. katy Says:

    I enjoy being in the car by myself, but I tend to put some good music on and have a really good sing-song!
    and a grandma’s shower sounds good to me.
    have a good weekend x

  2. debi Says:

    I liked that. Sorta felt like I was riding along. I needed that ride with you. I am pretty excited for you and Willi. You are already a cool grandma. I am here also to ask for your prayers for my friend Chuck. I am heartbroken and a bit disappointed in myself for having so little faith. I wrote a bit about him on my blog. If you have a prayer list at church could you please put him on it? Thank you so much. love, deb

  3. Molly Says:

    So you have been away, I was wondering. You will be a wonderful grandma as you are a wonderful mom. A grandma shower is a grand idea. Since your little baby will be close by and visit often, having some supplies on hand makes sense.

    Politics…looks like we are down to two choices now. The way things are with the early caucuses and Super Tuesday, Indiana does not have much impact on the decision-making process.

    Welcome home, I am off to visit Sarah to catch up on the baby news.

  4. tod Says:

    I like driving alone with my thoughts too. Thanks for sharing yours, it was a good read. 🙂

  5. dilling Says:

    Most of my long drives include I-5 so I hate them…but before I finally “settled” down, I drove all over the western US in a rattletrap jeep pulling a teeny rattletrap trailer….following all the “blue highways” in the atlas….loved that.
    “Blue Highways” by William Least-Heat Moon. He wrote about how to tour the country. He was right. Get off the interstates!!!
    Can’t talk politics in comment sections…actually, just can’t talk politics. The last presidential election made me and my mom stop talking to each other for over a year…not that it was the first time.

  6. Margaret Says:

    Driving by myself has always meant listening to my own music and my thoughts; it’s kind of nice. (but long distances or heavy traffic make me nervous) You sound like you have a good plan for grandparenting; it will be tricky with 3 sets of grandparents, so everyone will have to share. It’s tough with a baby because they are so addictive. My parents, younger daughter(just 18) and I attended our caucus and basically cancelled each other out. But it was still exciting to be part of the process! (and Y.D. and my candidate took our state–YAY!!)

  7. daddy d Says:

    Babies are good. They need and should have the correct USA president. My hope is that that does happen. Voting is the way to go.

    Driving can be fun, but the lack of a good road surface takes away from the joy of the ride. Well, maybe, not for off road trucks. But then the quality of the surface should be smooth and dry for me.

  8. coffeypot Says:

    I love driving alone. I get caught up on my thinking, planning, wishing and hoping. On my transport trips with the animals I’ll drive for hours without the radio or the audio books, just enjoying the quiet and the scenery.

    When Marni call me at work one day to tell me that J-Man was as big as a butterbean, I immediately nicknamed him that. Occasionally I’ll call him Butterbean and I always call Bug, Sweet Pea. I was called Coffee Bean growing up, so we kept it in the bean family.

  9. Judith Says:

    The only thing I know about Ron Paul I read in Harper’s Index – a brothel in Nevada donated $15K to his campaign. Any customer who said, “I’m pimpin’ for Paul” got the two-for-one special, according to Harper’s.

    As for mother’s voting records, I can proudly say that my mother hated George HW and his wife even more than I did. As for W, OMG.

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