The Grandberry

February 12, 2008

Baby Update for 2.11.08:

Today was amazing. The time usually set aside for lunch, I shared with Sarah during her visit to the midwife. First and foremost, it was very settling to meet her and see that my daughter is in good hands. Their conversation was very warm and caring, and she gave good direction and advice.

Now for the good part. We were able to see not one, but two ultrasounds of the baby. The first was on a smaller and older machine that really did not allow us to see very clearly. The second was on an absolutely wonderful piece of equipment that gave us a bird’s eye view. The technician showed us where we should be looking, and pointed out the heart which was fluttering with movement. It was absolutely beautiful. And then she had Sarah hold her breath and we could hear the heartbeat. 158 beats per minute. Amazing. The single most reaffirming sound I have ever heard. Confirmation of the glorious circle of life. All is well.

We learned that the due date is a little farther away than originally thought. We learned that there is one baby, 8 weeks and 2 days old. Just about the size of a raspberry, thusly named Grandberry. At least for the time being. We’re a little while away from knowing the gender, but I have it on good authority that it will be a girl. And I’m told that there’s a 50% chance that could be accurate!


It would appear that I was alone with my daughter in the office, but really there were a few more grandparents along in spirit. And a daddy, too. I found this clip of an 8 week heartbeat so that they could hear what it sounded like to us. I was blessed to be able to hear it, and wish they could have been there, too. This is for Mark, Bill and Amy, John and Brenda, and Willi, too. Thanks to Josh for helping me capture this file.

And thank you Sarah, for asking me to come along.


15 Responses to “The Grandberry”

  1. debi Says:

    Oh Gene I am absolutely thrilled for you. Those new scanners are something. It is hard to believe that you are seeing that little life in there. I never had one of them. I loved going with the girls when they had theirs. Is she having homebirth or a nurse-midwife at the hopsital? I love that shes got a midwife. My girls all had them and they delivered at the hospital but unless there was a problem the midwife got to catch the baby. It sounds like you have alot of excitement going on. We have one due in April. We think she may have the baby at the end of March. They induced her with Gage 2 weeks early as he was so large. This baby is even bigger. Or they think they may be wrong on the date and will be doing another ultra sound in a week. Whatever. I can’t wait. Hoping to have a new camera by then. Thank you for the birthday wishes. And thank you for the prayers for Chuck. Hope we get to see more baby pictures as you get them. I can never get enough of them. My love to the Grandberry.

  2. chrisb Says:

    How wonderful, it’s so exciting to see the baby on the ultrasound. We had nothing like that back in the 60’s. Yesterday I had an email from my friend in Canada to say she is pregnant and due in Oct. so I’m excitedly waiting to see her scan pictures.

  3. tod Says:

    That must have been an amazing thing to see and hear the grandberry like that. That’s a cool name by the way.

  4. milkandhoney Says:

    Next week, it will be grandolive. 🙂

  5. katy Says:

    love the name!
    this is just magical isn’t it, seeing grandberry so small and hearing that heart beat, what a truly emotional but perfect experience.

  6. Molly Says:

    Your sweet Grandberry is about the age of our grandbaby, who lives in the outside world. I am so glad that you saw the baby on the ultrasound and had the wonderful experience of hearing your little one’s heartbeat. I can tell that you are already loving this grandma role.

  7. gawilli Says:

    Debi – I really is interesting to think of the strides in birthing since I had my children. I never had an ultrasound either. I think they were cutting edge, and not used unless there was a problem. You’re an old hand at this grandma thing. I might have to draw on some of your expertise.

    Chris – Walking out of the office with a picture was the most exciting. Congratulations to your friend!

    Tod – I can’t take credit for the name…that was all Sarah’s doing. I kind of like it though and might keep it just the same.

    Sarah – Grandolive? Hmmm.

    Katy – Truly emotional, but perfect! That sounds just about right!

    Oh, Molly – you are so right. I was just thinking I would head on over to Frema’s site and see if there are any new pictures!

  8. Hilary Says:

    Oh that brings back memories. When I was pregnant with my second one (now 17 years), I was able to purchase a video tape of my ultrasound. I haven’t looked at it in years. Thanks for the reminder.. 🙂

    I’m happy for you and the excitement you feel.

  9. gawilli Says:

    Hilary – That sounds like a pretty neat idea. I’ll have to ask Sarah about that one. And, thanks. I’m pretty happy, too!

  10. Margaret Says:

    This will be such an exciting time for your family! I love the nickname Grandberry–but it will soon be Grandcantaloupe, and eventually Grandwatermelon! hee hee

  11. How exciting for you! That Grandberry is very fortunate to be growing into a wonderful family!

  12. daddy d Says:

    Babies start so very small. But in no time they are much larger and growing up. Such passing fun they are as the change.

  13. Sandy Says:

    Congratulations on the grandberry and how exciting for you to be with your daughter. I was with my baby girl when she had her baby and there are no words. I thought my heart would burst!

  14. How fun! Wait till you can call it grandplum.

    So adorable!

  15. Sheryl Says:

    This is very exciting! Congratulations!

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