February 16, 2008

As a backdrop for the clip below, in 1939…

  • Germany invades Poland; occupies Bohemia and Moravia; renounces pact with England and concludes 10-year non-aggression pact with U.S.S.R.
  • World War II begins.
  • Roosevelt submits $1,319-million defense budget, proclaims U.S. neutrality, and declares limited emergency.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution refuses to allow Marian Anderson to perform at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture starts first food stamp program in Rochester, N.Y.
  • Federal spending: $9.14 billion.
  • Unemployment: 17.2%
  • Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.03
  • The big-screen adaptation of Gone with the Wind premieres.
  • Albert Einstein writes a letter to President Roosevelt regarding the possibility of using uranium to initiate a nuclear chain reaction, the fundamental process behind the atomic bomb.

    Courtesy of Information Please: 1939

    • and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer releases this cartoon short subject directed by Hugh Harman entitled Peace on Earth.


    5 Responses to “Peaceville”

    1. daddy d Says:

      Peace can come through working together. However, that working together is the problem. There must be a balance between working together and slavery under a system that is unjust. Balance is hard to achieve. It must be worked on all the time.

    2. Big John Says:

      … and Big John was born ! 🙂

    3. Molly Says:

      How profound…as the cartoon points out we humans are not and (were not) doing a very good job of creating Peace on Earth. Still, if some of us do not keep working at forging peace, we may be leaving earth to the animals as the cartoon suggests.

    4. dilling Says:

      I just finished reading The World Without Us…by Alan Weisman…heard of it?

    5. gawilli Says:

      Dilling – I had not heard of that book, but there are many excepts on his website. It really brings home what they have been telling us (and we as a populace have refused to acknowledge).

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