Soulful Saturday Night

March 31, 2008

We struggled with the decision whether to watch the rest of the Louisville/North Carolina game in the hotel room or mosey on over the Zena’s to see Tim Krekel play at 10:00. It was half-time and Louisville was hanging in there, at least they were if you’re a Cardinal’s fan. Willi was right when he said there was no way Tim would start as long as they were still playing. When we got there everyone was gathered around a little television set on the end of the bar. Everyone that was there anyway. The rest of the crowd stayed home and watched the game in the comfort of their living room.

Initially we were going to walk the seven blocks or so to this show, but at 3:00 a.m. as we were driving back to the hotel, I was pretty happy we didn’t. I don’t do all nighters like I use to!


Shortly after the game ended, not in Louisville’s favor, the place started to fill up and by 11:30 it was packed, including the quasi stage…it seems like everyone who is in town shows up to play, and we were the beneficiaries. Aside from the regulars, there was a conga player, just in from Los Angelos and John Mann, a performer in his own right sitting in on keyboards, guitar and vocals. The brass section was full with trombone, sax and trumpet, and another sax joined in before the night was over. Nine in all.


It was an outstanding show, an interactive performance at it’s finest. Tim Krekel with the full orchestra, in his hometown, is the best. Everyone dances and sings. They know the words by heart, no matter if it is a song from ten years ago or today. The band is outstanding. Always. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


A highlight for me was his tribute to Wilson Pickett, off of the Soul Season CD, followed by Funky, Funky Broadway, then shortly after Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag. He also played many of my favorites including All Night Radio, and Fell Down in Memphis.

Seeing Tim with the full orchestra is a completely different show than when he plays solo with only his acoustic guitar and harmonica. That was the way we first saw him ten years ago in Nashville at the Bluebird. I like them equally as well, as different as they are.

We always plan our trip south around when Tim is playing in Louisville. Sometimes when we see him on the way down I leave thinking that nothing can top the show we just saw. This was the case Saturday night.


One Response to “Soulful Saturday Night”

  1. Laurie Spezzano Says:

    Hi – I was there Saturday night, one of the people lined up at the bar watching the tv (complete with rabbit ears covered in aluminum foil!). We had been joking earlier that someone should take a picture of us all lined up. Glad you captured the moment.

    I live near Louisville and see the band and Tim solo all the time, and I agree with all your comments. All kinds of people sit in. A few weeks ago Sam Bush was in town to see a play at Actor’s Theater. After the show, the whole cast came down to Zena’s and Sam sat in with the band.

    If anyone wants to see more of the “TKO at Zena’s” vibe, the video on youtube of “Tim Krekel with Terry Adams” was shot at Zena’s. Catch the crowd when they’re not watching tv!


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