Where’s the Beef?

April 1, 2008

We spent the day yesterday with some housekeeping kind of stuff. We drove the area to refresh our memory on where everything is, and isn’t. There is so much new construction here, some of the familiar landmarks seem a little out of place. In addition, there are many more hills than in the flatlands of the North, so it’s always a learning curve driving a stick. And there is always a stop light in the middle of a hill. On the incline. And there’s always some huge truck right on your bumper. Glad we got that under our belt.

Really, we’ve been here so many times that Willi has the layout down pretty good. I don’t worry much, or pay attention to street names – just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

The Dogwoods look like they’re ready to pop. It hit 70 yesterday, and if that continues maybe we will see some before we leave. Many of the other spring bloomers are dead on. I’ll have some pictures tomorrow perhaps. A big storm came through last night, but it is clearing now.

We stopped by the local grocery to pick up some breakfast goodies and coffee. We’re pretty much self sufficient for breakfast now. I’ve decided that even though the cost of living would appear to be high down here, I must have had the wrong impression. The cost of beef certainly is outstanding!


Wish we had a grill, and a few friends. We could have had one hell of a cookout. Just add a few taters and a cold one!


We’re headed down to lower Broadway for the day, if the weather holds out anyway. If not we may venture over to the Hall of Fame Museum for an exhibit on the Williams family, all three Hank’s and their kin. Tin Pan South begins this evening and we have our shows picked out and passes in hand. Now comes the beef!


11 Responses to “Where’s the Beef?”

  1. Freakazojd Says:

    Is that seriously the price of beef, or was that a typo? OH MY GOODNESS if that is the regular price of beef!!!!
    Hope you 2 have a great trip! πŸ™‚

  2. moo Says:

    wow, someone is going to be in trouble when THAT gets rung up! LOL.

  3. dilling Says:

    holy….that can’t be the organic now, can it? heheh…you know somebody ate well that night. sweet

  4. tod Says:

    When I first climb into our rental car in the States my left foot always feels kind of useless for a few trips. Then when we come home, driving a manual (stick) seems like such an effort.

  5. Someone will be in trouble for that price!! I notice the steak to the left is $18+.

    Hope you get to see some blooming dogwoods!

  6. daddy d Says:

    Wow, I get see and hear about all that good stuff and it doesn’t cost me money. Nice deal for me. Thanks.

  7. Willowtree Says:

    I thought it said 4c (thanks for the closeup), did you try to buy it? Most of the cattle around here are Angus.

  8. Molly Says:

    You must be in a third Ville by now. When you head home, be sure to bring some of that warm weather and cheap beef back north.

  9. Tink Says:

    Tell me you bought out the store! πŸ™‚

  10. debi Says:

    Wow, I want one of those. One day I found several pkgs of pork chops mismarked and the checker told me thats my price. If they marked it I get it. Well, back in those days with 4 kids and no money I bought them all. Can’t wait for more pics. Thanks for dropping by. I will post baby pics today. I was so sleepy last night. Missing you.

  11. katy Says:

    hope you bought that beef!

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