TPS Tuesday Evening

April 2, 2008

Standing in line for our choice for the first show of the evening, and Tin Pan South, there was a couple in front of us from New York, and two women from San Diego. It’s amazing to talk to people just like us who are music lovers and will make this trip just for the tunes. Although we have “Fast Access Passes”, so do a lot of others, and if we want good seats…we get their early.


Usually these shows are in the round, stripped down to the songwriter and their guitar. The first show was a little different as this group decided to bring in a band and all of them played together on each others songs. From left to right, they are Will Kimbrough, Mando Saenz, Kim Richey, and AM. What the heck does AM stand for? I have no clue and not enough time to figure it out.


This is the second time we have seen the first three artists. I have been a fan of Kim Richey for some time, in fact she co-writes and has recorded with Tim Krekel. Her voice blended with Mando Saenz like the two were siblings. Amazing.


Will Kimbrough was the main attraction for me. He is an outstanding musician in his own right, although I have seen him play along side Rodney Crowell. At one point in the show they all decided to sing a round solo, but he was right their along side each of them, filling in with guitar rifts. He has some nice clips on YouTube, but I’m not going to have time to add them to this post. He’s someone I would like to post about one of these days.


The second show we chose was James LeBlanc, Walt Aldridge, Steven Dale Jones, and Donny Lowery. It was billed as the “Muscle Shoals Brothers” and was truly stripped down and in the round. The last three are truly writers for the stars, and James LeBlanc is well on his way, most recently penning a hit for Travis Tritt with Walt Aldridge, Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde.


I really enjoyed hearing Donny Lowery. Often when we choose the shows we want to see I may only know one or two of the performers, and it isn’t until they start the round with songs they wrote that I figure out just who they are. Donny Lowery wrote a song that has been one of my favorites from Restless Heart, called Right or Wrong. Great song, and great to hear him on our first night.


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