Could it be?

April 6, 2008

We’re home and settled. It seems like we’ve been gone for ages, although it’s only been a week. The weather today is far better than what we had on vacation. Funny how it works that way sometimes. We’ve been out inspecting the yard for signs of spring. I fully expected that we would miss some of the blooming beauties while we were gone, but they are pretty much the same as when we left. Not quite there yet.

I did find something interesting this morning, though. About eight years ago, we planted a Dogwood tree in the back yard in hopes that we would have blossoms the next year. Each spring we wait with great anticipation, and nothing happens. There are beautiful green leaves, but that’s about it. From the house the tree looks exactly like it did all winter long. But on closer examination, I found a whole bunch of these little guys on the tips of several of the branches…

I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but I visited a couple sites, here and here, and found these pictures of Dogwood buds.

Wouldn’t that be something? Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


14 Responses to “Could it be?”

  1. Betty Says:

    I guess they just bloom when they are good and ready, huh?

  2. Hilary Says:

    Sure looks encouraging to me. I’m looking forward to the beautiful photos you’ll post when they do bloom.

  3. debi Says:

    I hope you get you’re wish. It’s hard to live in the southwest. We get in trouble for watering much. Thank goodness I have creek water every 7 days to irrigate. Still, we never will have the beautiful colors of spring that you get. THat’s one of the things I enjoy most about your blog. You always keep up with the seasons pretties.

  4. tod Says:

    Fingers are crosed here too!

  5. Cazzie Says:

    How exciting, cannot wait to see them in full bloom 🙂

  6. daddy d Says:

    Glad you are back. And yes, it could be what you have waited for … blooms.

  7. Dogwood buds!!! How exciting! Can’t wait to see the flowers. My dogwoods are just starting to bloom.

  8. Judith Says:

    Ah, dogwoods. Lovely. Thanks for comment at Rembering Matters re: songbirds and, ugh, corn and ethanol.

  9. Molly Says:

    Welcome home, it looks like you are about to have some Dogwood blooms.

  10. katy Says:

    Glad you are back safe and sound.
    keep us updated with the photos of the dogwood.

  11. corky Says:

    I hope the weather stays nice and helps out some.

  12. nessa Says:

    I love coming home.

    My Dogwood looks like yours.

  13. katy Says:

    pst you got an award to collect over at my place

  14. katy Says:

    just want to let you know that I am taking a break for a while, hope to be back, till then byeeeeeeeeeeee x

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