Actors and Politicians

April 19, 2008

It’s been an event filled month or so here in Northwest Indiana. First we did the Hollywood thing as Johnny Depp filmed scenes from his upcoming movie in the town Dillinger put on the map. Although there are some that shun that connotation, everyone was crazed for an entire week. Even in our office, where the average age is 50+, the gals were anxious to post the mail or take a trip to the bank. The weather was cool but clear and lunch hours were the perfect time to stroll down to the square in hopes of seeing some action. Many locals made it a family affair since the kids were out of school for spring break. Hundreds lined the streets in front of the old jail house, and were rewarded on more than one occasion for their efforts. It was an exciting rite of spring.

Fast forward a week or two, and you find a hotbed of political pandering as Indiana prepares for the first primary in my remembering where anyone considered our votes important in the Presidential arena. At least where the Democrats are concerned. Both candidates have set up local offices. And both have made visits to surrounding towns. You probably saw the pictures of Hillary sipping a shot and a beer at Bronko’s, formerly known for their outstanding pizzas. Hillary and Johnny, both in less than a month. Will Crown Point ever be the same?

My former journalism teacher in high school, who is now a columnist for the local paper said, ” I hope a beer at Bronko’s doesn’t fool anyone. When Hillary Clinton stopped for a shot and a beer Saturday night, she was doing little more than pandering to the working class. Anyone wearing a blue collar should have been offended.” He went on to say, “Obama is right. People are bitter. Those who once had jobs in Northwest Indiana steel mills are bitter because foreign nations are dumping steel here and our government is doing nothing about it. I wonder how many unemployed steelworkers have sat on that Bronko’s bar stool used by Hillary. Think about it.”

Another columnist ran a piece about how people responded to the question, “If your Democrat loses, will you vote for McCain?” One Clinton supporter said, “Not only will I vote for McCain, but I will donate money, I will canvas, I will phone bank, I will fight against Obama.” And from the other side of the fence, “If Obama fails to clinch the nomination, I’ll vote for McCain. McCain scares me, but Clinton scares me more.”


Last evening Michelle Obama filled the gym at a local intermediate school, and Chelsea Clinton has been around, too. Barack Obama spoke to a packed house in Gary, all the while the mayor extended and withdrew an invitation for debate in less than a days time. Which is probably a good thing given the sad state of the last debate.

It’s been interesting, to say the least. The actors have been replaced by politicians, but the theatrics remain. It’s funny how their visits so closely resemble each other.

On the more enlightening side, last Monday I sat in on a discussion group at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. I have to admit that my curiosity got the better of me, given that the topic was a sermon by Reverend Wright. As it turned out, the entire sermon was provided in text which led to a genuine exchange of ideas and information. What a novel idea.


4 Responses to “Actors and Politicians”

  1. dilling Says:

    i really just want to buy myself that island i dream of, declare it a sovereign state and tune out of it all… as long as I have a dvd player stocked with Johnny Depp and Vincent D’Onofrio, I’ll be just fine…

  2. daddy d Says:

    That is a lot of action for good old Indiana. The race is heating up. It is time to think about the future.

  3. Tink Says:

    I move out of Indiana and look what happens! Ok, so I moved eleven years ago… But still! Hmph.

  4. Molly Says:

    I am returning to this post after the Reverend Wright said a few more words, and Obama has rejected some for the pastor’s words. I would hate to be responsible for everything our pastor says.

    Also, I am concerned with some of the bickering between Clinton and Obama. Nonetheless, I will not vote for McCain. I will vote for the Democratic candidate even if that person is not my first choice. But, I am disheartened by those Democrats who will choose to stay home or choose to vote McCain because of the current party dissension.

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