Rescue Mission

April 28, 2008

I’m not sure what the temperature is outside. It’s been spitting rain most of the day and it didn’t take long to figure out this morning that I should have gotten my winter coat back out of the closet. This evening we sat and watched the rain turn to snow and pile up on the cars outside the restaurant window while we ate dinner. The same thing happened last year right about this time. Just when the tulips started to bloom we had a cold snap and snow, and by morning everything was wilted and gone. We never got a chance to really enjoy them.

So tonight when we got home, with Willi and his flashlight to lead the way, we set out to bring in what we could salvage. Many of them were laying over on the ground with the weight of the snow. Ice had filled the leaves and crowned the tops of many of the blooms.

Hopefully we got them in time to extend their beauty just a little longer. Three vases full in all, snatched from the jaws of Mother Nature. What a cruel trick she played on her children this April day!


8 Responses to “Rescue Mission”

  1. tod Says:

    Tulips & Snow. Those words seem like unlikely bedfellows. Glad to see that you managed to rescue some. 🙂

  2. moo Says:

    Tulips are my very favorite flower! I’m so glad you are getting to enjoy vases and vases of them … sounds heavenly to me!

  3. Hilary Says:

    I’m glad you were able to rescue some of them. They sure do look pretty in those photos.

    I have to consider what to do with mine now, since we’re expecting below-freezing temperatures tonight. Thanks for the idea.

  4. dilling Says:

    Grrrrrr…..shaking fist at sky!!!!!!! Darnit!!! Just stay nice, already!!!!! But wow, three vases of tulips is nice. We planted countless bulbs and only two every come up.
    Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish is one of my very, very, very favorite paintings of all time…reminds me of Puck from Midsummer’s Night which is one of my very, very, very favorite stories of all time…..

  5. Oh, goodness! I’m glad you managed to save your tulips or at least rescue them. What about the dogwood? Did it bloom before the snow?

  6. Betty Says:

    It has turned cold again here, too, but I refuse to get that coat out. It’s spring, I keep telling myself, as I shiver my way from the house to the car.

  7. daddy d Says:

    Good job on the flowers. It was a snowy hit last night. Today was not much warmer, but it was sunny.

  8. debi Says:

    Oh my, what a great idea to grab what you could. It is so sad to wait on them only to have the crazy weather try to spoil them. Love the Maxfield Parrish.

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