All In A Day’s Time

May 6, 2008

Before I start, here is a picture for Songbird . . . our little Dogwood finally graced us with a few blooms this week. We’ve had her for quite a few years and these are her first. It was a small showing, but we are thrilled just the same. Especially considering the long cold winter.

Today I drove from the county considered a “Suburb of Chicago” deep into the “Rural White Counties” of Indiana. At least that’s the way they are summing up the Hoosier state on CNN right now. It was really a beautiful drive down to the location of my conference. Just South of Indy there were Redbuds and Dogwoods galore. In fact I’ve never seen so many in one place as there were in Paoli. I’m going to sneak out of this conference and try to get some pictures before I head home. This picture is somewhere between Bloomington and French Lick. I was taken by the deep gold color of the field, although this picture does not do it justice.

The polls closed in my end of the state an hour after they closed down here and within minutes they were spinning the numbers. I’m holed up in the hotel room watching the results of what has been a very exciting month in our state. Willi and I tried to beat the lines at the local church by voting early on Saturday, but as fate would have it, the electricity was out at the government center. Indiana moved to computerized voting machines last year, so no vote. We left an hour early this morning so that we could vote on the way to work. By 6:20 a.m. there were already two rows of chairs filled with voters waiting their turn. This probably sounds pretty hokey, but I get such a thrill out of voting. And pushing that button today seemed more important than it ever has for me.

I got kind of choked up (don’t laugh) as we walked to our cars. Willi asked if I was thinking of my mother. She used to work the polls. Because we live in the same precinct as I grew up, we have over the years seen some of my mother’s friends working the polls still. I can always tell if they knew my mother because they call me by my full name, as only people do who knew me as I was growing up. Actually I wasn’t thinking of my mom so much, but it was a chuckle to think that she probably wouldn’t be too happy with me, once again, as I picked up that little card with the “D” on it.

Doesn’t this hallway remind you of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”? This whole place does. Glad it isn’t snowing here. Anyway, I’m listening to Senator Obama give his speech in North Carolina. He just congratulated Hillary Clinton on her win in Indiana. In the mean time, CNN says it’s too close to call, and her lead has just gotten a little smaller, now 4%. I wonder if he counted us out too soon, with only 76% of the vote counted. Our little county is still colored white on the big map in the newsroom. I wonder what the heck is going on there, that the votes still have not been counted. In the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter how you spin the numbers. I think he will be our candidate. And as exciting as it has been to have a part in this decision, I’m glad it’s just about over.

So, tomorrow this Primary Election will be history and I will spend the day soaking up rules and numbers of the business I am trying to learn. And plan my escape out into the sunshine. Ah, there is a heaven…


11 Responses to “All In A Day’s Time”

  1. daddy d Says:

    Thanks for showing your trip. I always feel like I am seeing the country and getting a good look at it.

  2. dilling Says:

    the dogwoods are blooming in the park here, but my little pink dogwood still isn’t…we have lots of them here in Nanaimo…
    my mom is probably thrilled that I couldn’t cross the border this to vote this year in the primaries….but I will be home for the big one(or get my absentee ballot worked out)…
    but I won’t tell her I am in town….last election, she wouldn’t speak to me for a year!!! No lie. Completely true. Because I drove nine hours, spent hundreds of dollars to come home and basically cancel out her ballot!

  3. Molly Says:

    I hope that you are having some sunshine there in Paoli. It is a little gloomy here at home. The results of the primary are not so gloomy. Our candidate came close to beating Hillary in our state. And who knows maybe in the fall our home state will be true blue.

  4. Judith Says:

    Hotel hallway is too much. I, too, get a thrill out of voting. Have ever since my first time at age 21. I bought a television to watch the returns. McGovern was it who lost all but DC and Massachusetts? Remember when voting age used to be 21? – when you could die for your country in the service but not vote. Now you can fight in the army but not pop a beer at the end of the day. Weird.

  5. debi Says:

    The hallway creeps me out. As always you take the best photos.

  6. debi Says:


  7. It does look the the shinning movie…

    and I always love your photos.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Thanks for the dogwood picture!! I’m beaming with southern pride for your brave little tree! And, yes, that hallway totally reminds me of The Shining.

  9. Cazzie Says:

    How gorgeous are those images? Wow, we are so lucky to share them with you!

  10. oddfacts Says:

    Nice pictures. Very peaceful.

  11. hi thought i would pop by and say i am back but with a new place!

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