Nope! Not Yet!

September 7, 2008

Inquiring minds are asking if we have a baby yet, and the answer is no.  Although the clothes are all ready, and the bassinet is waiting. The bags were being packed as of an hour ago… but, we have no news to report. Remember though, we are still one week away from the due date.

What I do have to share are some photos from Traverse City, Michigan. Oh, I know. The dreaded vacation pictures. It seems like ages ago, but it has only been a few weeks. Humor me.

Everything in Traverse City was cherries. Cherry jam, cherry barbecue sauce, cherry beer and wine. You name it. We even had some spread made from dried cherries, cheese and beer. Good stuff, Maynard.

And grapes, I should add. We crawled the wineries of the Leenanau Peninsula during the second day of our three day trip. If you are ever up that way, I would highly recommend it. Beautiful country, and it tastes great, too.

Old Fishtown was a pleasant stop along the way, in Leland, Michigan. We had lunch at Rick’s Cafe. They’re the ones that brought you the Chubby Mary…Bloody Mary with a smoked chub. No kidding.

This is a shot of a vineyard on the Old Mission Peninsula. That’s Lake Michigan in the background. We didn’t get to take the crawl on this side of the bay, but the drive in the evening was breathtaking.

Who’s watching who? These guys were all over the place. They didn’t seem to mind us too awfully much.

I have no idea what this is, but I took a picture so Molly good help me out. Molly, got an ideas?

These flowers were all over the place. I don’t know what they are either, but Willi thought they might be somehow related to an orchid. I vote for sweet pea. The roadsides were full of them. The stems are woody and have a triangle shape. Oh, Molly…

We also saw these clouds of white in some areas. I though they might be babies breath, so we got out to take a look…

and that’s exactly what they were. For years I have been trying to get them to grow in my garden, and here they are in the wild. Beautiful.

The sunsets were outstanding. The air is clean and the sky is clear. We have been trying to figure out how we could quit our jobs and move up North. Ha! Willi has been searching for weekend rentals. And kayaks. I’ve never seen so many lakes and rivers. Honestly, it sounds like fun. But aren’t those the things that roll over?

I’ll let you know as soon as we have some news! Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be the big day!


7 Responses to “Nope! Not Yet!”

  1. debi Says:

    I love the pictures. What I would not give to have green beautiful places to visit. We have some but nothing like this. Can’t wait for the baby pics. Won’t be long now.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Wonderful photos – each and every one of them. Looking forward to reading about your news. And seeing pictures. 🙂

  3. dilling Says:

    I love that cabin on the water…what a nice trip. I also think those ones are sweet peas, but no clue on the others.
    I kind of miss those big, long-legged white tails. The island deer are so small, and kind of thick-legged…cute, but not so beautiful.
    fingers crossed…..

  4. WT Says:

    Beautiful pictures

  5. Molly Says:

    I did come to find out if there is baby news. Well, you should be holding the little sweet baby soon.

    After consulting some books and online references, I think that your first flower picture is Bladder Campion, Silene vulgaris. You are right the dark pink blossom is probably some kind of pea plant, possibly Everlasting Pea. Willi is right in that some orchid blossoms rather resemble legumes.

    Daddy D and I took a short trip to Michigan recently too. Michigan is a beautiful state, and the Traverse City area is lovely.

  6. Cazzie Says:

    I love the image with the little dinghy in it, so gorgeous 🙂

  7. Patsy Says:

    It has been a while since I visited your site, a baby due, and such a beautiful mama to be! From the way she has “dropped” the event must be in the next week if not already here. Lovely flowers, i was born in Michigan and I have forgotten most of the flowers that I knew so much about as a young child.

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