Baby Update – Willi Style

September 17, 2008

I received this e-mail from one of my friends at work a few minutes ago. Willi had stopped by to give all of the ladies in my office the most recent news…

Subject: Update from Granddaddy…
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 8:09 AM

OK – Here was the birth update we received from your eloquent husband,

“They started the deduction last night.”
“The balloon popped then it dropped”

Then after our laughter subsided, he explained that Sarah was given the pitocin this morning, which is not the coffee substitute made of hickory……huh?

I swear we need a translator when John explains things.

Anyway, we thought this birth update would make a cute story in your grandson’s baby book.

I’m praying that this process goes quickly and with minimum discomfort and that he is born as healthy as can be.

God Bless,

Then I got a call from him admonishing me to better prepare him next time. Really I prefer his take on it – Willi’s Standard Operating Procedure…When in doubt, make ’em laugh!

No real news as of yet. I imagine things are in full tilt boogie and I’m waiting for the call. I know she is in great and caring hands. Thanks for your thoughts. And I’ll report back, hopefully soon.


4 Responses to “Baby Update – Willi Style”

  1. I’m dying to know!!!
    Updates are needed!

    much love to you grandma,

  2. katy Says:

    you best send a copy of that e-mail to your daughter, with the laugh it will give her it is bound to help her deliver!!

  3. gawilli Says:

    I’m agreeing with you, CE. Five hours is too long. I think I’m going to go sit in the waiting room.

  4. Molly Says:

    Willi always has an interesting way of looking at things. I have been checking the news throughout the day. Your little grandson’s arrival is sounding similar to our little Kara’s, who is 9 months old today.

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