School wasn’t like this when I was a kid.

April 20, 2009

When we left work on Friday there was a little plastic cup on the front counter with a coffee filter on top. Hanging from the top of the coffee filter were three chrysalis. In a former life they were caterpillars. This morning they were Painted Lady Butterflies.


Normally I’d say this is pretty unusual for an office setting, but this became commonplace when we adopted a science curriculum that favors hands on learning as opposed to being text driven. We just get the left overs from what’s happening in classrooms all across our district. And I love it.


There’s an ant farm in the back meeting room. These little guys were a few too many for the classrooms, so they found a new home on Friday. They’ve had a pretty busy weekend also.


My kids had an ant farm once. Their Grandma Jane gave it to them. It was wonderful. But then that was the kind of grandma she was. They did not have either of these in the classroom. Neither did I. Which is probably why it was so great to get it from Grandma Jane.


I love that our kiddos have these experiences in the science classroom. I hope that they develop an appreciation and understanding of the fragility of life. And maybe they will be the stewards of their world for the next generation. Too much to ask? Nah. I don’t think so.


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