I’m a Hoosier, darn it.

February 7, 2010

We are a Colts household. We plan our days, from the beginning of football season to the bloody end, around when the Colts play. If an unmovable force presents itself during game time, although few and far between, we tape the game and stay up to the wee hours to see it through. John dons one of three Colts hats and his worn-out royal blue sweatshirt with the familiar horseshoe on the front every game day. Even if I’m not downstairs watching the game, I can tell how we’re doing by the whoops and hollers resonating up through the floorboards into the living room.

There’s a large contingency of Bear fans from “The Region”, which is understandable given the proximity of NW Indiana to Chicago. That would not be us. We’re Hoosiers. We’ll cheer on the Bears, but only if the Colts are out of the picture. I’m not fickle. I have the same allegiance to my hometown high school sports teams, even though I work in a neighboring school district. That’s just the way it is.

Most of the Bears fans I know have now become Saints fans. That’s not surprising. I don’t think it’s so much that they like the Saints, but that they’re for anyone that plays the Colts. Actually I have some pretty sinister feelings about Notre Dame, probably related to Digger Phelps and the four corner stall or maybe even some obnoxious alumni, so I guess I can’t call the Bears fans out. Then there’s the Purdue alumni that would like to see Drew Brees take the Saints to a Super Bowl win. I get that, too.

There has been exceedingly heavy sentiment in the press for New Orleans – the real “feel good” story. That’s the hard part for me. Like many other folks, I have a soft spot in my heart for NOLA. I have love letters that my parents wrote to each other while my dad was stationed there, before shipping off to war. And a box of memories from a visit my mom made to see him before he left. John and I loved everything about New Orleans when we visited, and to see the devastation of Katrina was heart-wrenching. I rooted for the Saints in the playoffs, as well as the Colts. New Orleans needed the win, and besides, it just felt good. This was fine a few weeks ago, but today it presents a bit of a dilemma. Because I’m a Hoosier, darn it. And no matter who wins the Super Bowl, the other has to lose.


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